Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters Book Review

Title: Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters

Author: Teresa Heihn
cover of "Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters" by Teresa Heihn

Illustrator: Erin Raught

Genre: Children’s Sleep

Publisher: YSPM Holdings

Release Date: February 17, 2018

Format: Kindle, Paperback

Pages: 41 pages

About the Book:

A young boy with a newly found and mysterious door under his bed.

A young monster with a similar door in the the ceiling above his head.

A trap is set. The bait is taken. And each is ever more curious as to what (or who) is on the other side. Momma may say “No” or “it’s nothing important”, but the need to know is too great. Each child must know what lies behind the door.
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My Review:

Disclaimer: This book was written by my friend, Teresa Heihn.  I received a free copy for the purpose of review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

The first thing that drew me to Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters, was the adorable illustrations by Erin Raught.  Both the monster’s room and the boy’s room are so inviting and warm, even though vastly different.  The second thing was Teresa Heihn’s delightful story, written entirely in verse, reminiscent of my beloved Dr. Seuss.

At its core, the story is a comforting tale for children, a tale of why not to fear the monster under the bed.  On another level, it is an allegory about about humankind’s basic mistrust of anyone “different.”  Either way, it is an excellent read.

I highly recommend Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters, either as a reassuring bed time story, or as a discussion starter for family night. I give the story 5 yellow socks – a must read!!!

About the Author:

photo of Teresa Heihn

This is Teresa’s first of hopefully many books to be fully realized for print. As the mother of two grow children, the nightly bedtime routine included bringing classic stories to life, or creating new tales from the ideas that the kids would think up on the spot.

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