What the Heck is Motivation?

Motivation is directly related to your behavior and is directly connected to the why and how of doing a particular action or task. The easiest way to understand this is to understand why you want to achieve something and in knowing what route you will take to get there.

Wish For It
Hope For It
Dream Of It
But By All Means Do It

It is so easy to want to change or improve something in your life. The hard part comes shortly after you have started your particular journey. It is so easy to waiver and wander off track, you get sidetracked with other things and your goal becomes nothing but a distant memory.

One of the best ways to describe motivation is to get you to think about those urges and desires that you have. You know, the ones where you want to change your life for the better! So just how do you get the motivation to change and how do you stay motivated over the long term?

If you are unhappy with some area of your life then you no doubt want to make changes. This could include losing weight, changing careers or just learning a new skill. In order to do this you will want to set goals that are within your grasp. A great example of this is suddenly deciding that you are going to run in a marathon. While this is a great goal, if you focus on nothing but running 26 miles, those miles will stretch further into the distance.

Instead what you want to do is break down the 26 miles into smaller parts. Why not focus on running a 5K instead? This will seem much more manageable to you and you can reach your goal faster.

By having a certain goal within your grasp you will stay motivated longer. As you picture yourself reaching that goal you can feel proud of your accomplishment. Once there you can then concentrate on running a half marathon and before you know your goal of running a full marathon will become a reality.

There are many words that can be associated with motivation and these include desire, wants, dreams, wishes, needs, goals and more. Anything that you desire strongly can often be enough motivation in itself. When you feel that your motivation is lacking you may want to refocus and set smaller goals. Sometimes sharing your dreams with someone else can help you stay focused for the long term too.

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