Our Transgender Child – Boo’s Update

photo of the author's daughter with the title "Our Transgender Child, Boo's Update"

Since the original story Our Transgender Child – Boo’s Story was told a year and a half ago, it has consistently been one of my top 5 posts.  Often, by email or in person, people ask me how Boo is doing and what she’s been up to.  For that reason, I convinced her to let me provide my readers with an update of her life since my last post.

the author's daughter in 2012
Boo – July 2012

Since my last post, Boo started working part-time at a beauty supply store.  She got lots of helpful tips on makeup and hair and even started doing my makeup for special occasions!!  She couldn’t get enough hours at that job, however, so she eventually moved on to a coffeehouse where she is working nearly full-time.  Only her boss knows that she is transgendered and no one at either of those jobs ever questioned her being a girl.

Boo is taking a few classes, slowly trying to get through her general ed.  She had some bad experiences in Portland and sometimes has panic attacks on her way to class.  She has finally decided to talk to her doctor about trying some anti-anxiety meds.

Boo was in a long-term relationship, which recently broke up and after sharing an apartment with friends for a few months, she has moved back home.  We are all getting along very well and Boo, Art and I love to eat dinner together while watching Jeopardy and trying to be the first to yell out the answer.

All in all, I believe that Boo is finally comfortable in her own skin and on her way to becoming the person she was always meant to be.  We are very proud of her.

the author's daughter in 2014
Boo today

6 thoughts on “Our Transgender Child – Boo’s Update

  1. I had just found your original post, so I’m glad you did this update & posted a note about it on that post! I’m glad to know she’s doing well. She clearly has a lot of courage, & a lot of people who support her!

  2. I found this on reddit, your daughter posted this on there. You love is truly inspiring and gives me hope for my partner when she comes out to her family. I am at a loss for words and I am actually tearing up for the short update, but seriously, you are inspiring.

    1. Thank you Melkly and best wishes for you and your partner. I hope that her family will understand that she is still the same person inside.

  3. She has truly blossomed, and I love seeing her at said coffeehouse. Thank you for acknowledging that she is the one person qualified to know who she is, and for loving and supporting her expression of those unique gifts.

  4. You are an awesome mom and dad. To be comfortable in one’s own skin is such a blessing. Best wishes and positivity to you all.

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