Three Amazing Rice Recipes

three rice recipesOne of my go-to cooking appliances is my Rival 6-Cup Rice Cooker. This baby is small, but she’s a powerhouse!!  I’ve cooked all kinds of grains and veggies in there.  Just press the button and walk away.  It’s awesome.

By far the food I cook most in the rice cooker is (duh) rice, specifically brown rice.  I started thinking about all the great rice recipes I have and I decided I had to share my top 3.  Tell me what you think!!

Three Amazing Rice Recipes

Island Rice

three rice recipesSweet and salty – it will make you feel the tropical breeze!!

Rice Pudding

three rice recipes
Warm or cool – this dessert is so comforting!!

White Wine Sage Chicken with Rice

three rice recipes
Tasty, easy, and a little fancier than your everyday chicken recipe!!

What’s Your Favorite Rice Recipe?

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