Take Good Care of Yourself

Button up your overcoat,
When the wind is free,
Oh, take good care of yourself,
You belong to me!

Eat an apple every day,
Get to bed by three,
Oh, take good care of yourself,
You belong to me!

As someone living with a chronic illness (Living With a Chronic Cough), not to mention no small degree of anxiety, I have found that the best thing I can do to ensure as many good days as possible is to take good care of myself.

Here is my top 6 list of ways to

photo of an open book, pears, and a cup of tea, with the title "Take Good Care of Yourself"

  1. Take your medication.  I know it sounds obvious, but when you are living with a chronic illness, there are days when you feel so good you don’t take your medication.  And live to regret it later.  Always.  So now I just take it.  Always.
    photo of the author using her nebulizer
  2. Eat as healthy as possible.  As you’ve probably seen from some of my recipes, I don’t always eat healthy foods, but I try to follow the philosophy of “everything in moderation” and have lost 27 pounds over the past couple of years.
    photo of a healthy salad
  3. Get plenty of exercise.  There are days when the best I can do is some yoga and a walk around the block and other days when I am running wind sprints with the dog.  The trick is in knowing what you can handle on any given day.  And moving – no matter what.
    photo of the author wearing a sports bra-top
  4. Get plenty of sleep.  Again, another no-brainer, but stress and not breathing well can make for not-so-restful nights.  This means that in addition to my minimum 8 hours of sleep a night, I also take naps.  Sometimes after work, but always at least one nap on the weekend.  If not, I am just crabby and no good.  Seriously.
  5. Take time to connect with God.  I spend some time every morning in devotion and prayer.  But whatever works for you to connect with the Divine.  You’ll feel better.  I promise.
  6. Have a schedule.  I’m not totally rigid with mine, but I have found that having a schedule of activities eases my anxiety and also means that I won’t forget the self-care I need for my asthma.

Are you taking good care of yourself?  What have you found that works for you?  Please share any tips in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Take Good Care of Yourself

  1. Hi,sweetheart,
    What sound and heartwarming advice.I can tell you are speaking from your heart.
    I think the most telling evidence of your journey is in the last photo,the one with you wearing the black and pink exercise top.You are smiling with a twinkle in you eyes,standing straight and tall and exuding an air of confidence,wow!That’s a very compelling photo.You obviously feel good about yourself and your life.Way to Go,sweetheart.You are such a role model!!!!Love you,Mom

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