Spanx Bra-llelujah!! Review

Warning: This post contains pictures of a middle-aged, overweight woman (me) in a bra.  May not be suitable for all readers 😉

It’s always hard to find a bra that fits!! Ladies- I know you know what I mean.  The measurements are supposed to be standard across all brands, but while I might be a 36C in a Vanity Fair bra, I might be a 40B in a Victoria’s Secret.  There’s so many issues – is it itchy? Will it ride up?  Do the straps dig into your shoulders?  Does it give you back bulges?  Do the underwires dig in?  I could go on and on.  Sometimes, wearing a bra makes me feel like I’m in jail.

Spanx trademarkSo when I heard that Spanx had come out with a new line of bras, I was very excited to try one.  I picked the Bra-llelujah!® Lace Underwire Contour in nude. There is a very helpful size chart which tells you how to measure your chest and how to use the measurements to determine your bra size.  According to Spanx, I am a 36C (take that, Victoria’s Secret!!).  The Spanx website says that the Bra-llelujah is the first-ever bra with an all-hosiery back to keep you smooth.

I went to the UPS Store to pick up my package (we were between houses at the time and had a mailbox there.)  My one complaint is that the clerk kind of smirked at me when he handed me the package.  It came in a plain brown box, but did very noticeably say “Spanx” in the from section on the label, so I’m guessing that was what the smirk was about.

Anyway, I got it home and opened it up.  The inside of the box is really cute and decorated with all kinds of cute sayings about “looking good” in different languages.  The bra came on a nice hanger like you would see at a department store and it was wrapped in red tissue paper.

From the moment I tried it on, I loved this bra!!

picture of the author, facing forward, wearing a bra

As you can see the straps are nice and wide, so they don’t cut into your shoulders.  The underwire is well padded so you can barely feel it and the back strap is so comfortable.  Art’s only complaint is that it’s as thick as a bulletproof vest.

Here are the picture of old bra and Bra-llelujah so you can see the difference:

photo of the author wearing a red shirt, facing forward
picture of the author in a red shirt, facing forward
Old Bra

I think you can definitely see a tiny bit more cleavage in the picture on the right, don’t you?

Now here’ s an old bra/Bra-llelujah comparison from the back:

the author facing backwards, same red shirt, no side bulges
photo of the author's backside, same red shirt, with side bulges
old bra

The photos speak for themselves.

My rating of the Spanx Bra-llelujah!® Lace Underwire Contour: 5 out of 5 v-neck t-shirts!!

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32 thoughts on “Spanx Bra-llelujah!! Review

  1. I recently lost a bit of weight – which is wonderfull! But now things hang and sag a heck of a lot worse – I need this bra to shift things where they need to be

  2. I’ve heard of this brand from a friend but I really haven’t tried to wear one. I guess I’ll be buying one for myself. Thanks!

  3. Ohhh Boy I am well, well, I guess well-endowed to the enth degree covers it. Last week I bought four bras and not one fits. I have the worst time finding a bra that fits without the underwire sticking it to my armpits! To find a bra that actually fits comfortably would make me sooo happy!

  4. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I want to win it because my finances are tight and it would be nice to have a new bra cause mine are worn out.

  5. I so want to win it because I cannot afford any new bra at this time. Thanks so much!

  6. I want this bra because I need a new fitting bra since I stopped breastfeeding, and my nursing bras are too big for me now. Thanks

  7. I have read so many fantastic reviews on this bra and I really need asupportive bra

  8. I need this to give to my mom as a gift. She has lost over 50 pounds and cannot afford to buy new clothes for herself.

  9. I need this bra because I wear tshirts everyday, and I shudder to think what my back looks like most of the time. 🙁

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  10. I am depesrate for a comfortable bra that supports. I would love it!

  11. I need this bra because I have yet to find a bra that will hold me up and be comfortable at the same time. I believe this one will. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. I need the support for the girls, and I would to have everything all smoothed out!

  13. because it has an all-hosiery back to keep you smooth and that is my biggest concern re my bras

  14. I would most definitely need this bra for firstly, looking super fly, and secondly – it would go PERFECTLY underneath my work shirts. I’m a preschool teacher, and I am constantly jumping, dancing, hopping, crawling, cartwheeling, karate-ing, etc. We even have a rock wall in our preschool that I climb *almost* daily. This bra looks supportive, comfortable, and lightweight while making your back and ladies looks fab! 🙂

    Jenna Lynne @ betweenthebind

  15. the bras i have right now are awful. they lose support and i can’t afford to get a quality one.

  16. I need a good new bra that offers comfort and does not show the lines through my shirt

  17. I’d love it because it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a new bra especially one that does all that!

  18. Looks great! I’m always a little wary about wearing an underwire as they tend to did into my side and rub on my ribs. But perhaps the Spanx being padded would help. Need to give it a try!

  19. Amazing you could get the right size via mail order. I can’t get the right size even after trying them on! Shame on the UPS Store clerk for the smirk. Probably thinking he was being cute or funny.

  20. I need a good new bra bad and have never tried any Spanx product. I would love to have a smooth back.

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