Side Effects of Tolerating Depression

How long have you been tolerating depression? I tolerated it for way too long. You probably couldn’t make an excuse I didn’t make myself.

woman crying with the title "The Side Effects of Tolerating Depression"

I don’t have time to try antidepressants. It can take 6-8 weeks before I’ll even know if they’re working or not! I have (a job, small children, school, etc.) I can’t afford to check out of my life for that long.


I’m not depressed. I’m just (tired, annoyed, sad, etc.)

It’s not depression. It’s just anxiety. I’ll get over it … eventually.


I’m too depressed to talk to a therapist (go to group therapy). I don’t want to cry in front of strangers.


Have you used any of these excuses? Or maybe you have one of your own. Either way, you’re tolerating depression. Here’s what damage that can do:

Poor Sleep/Low Energy

One of the most common side effects of depression is a change in sleep patterns. Insomnia is the most common problem, but sleeping too much and super-low energy are also potential depression side effects. It can even become a vicious circle, since insomnia can cause some of the same side effects as depression — exhaustion, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

Weight Loss/Gain

Some people gain weight when they’re depressed. Others can’t keep the weight on. I have had both problems. When I’m mildly depressed I tend to gain weight, but when I’m severely depressed I can’t keep the weight on. The problem is that depression has lots of symptoms that can lead to weight gain: appetite changes, lack of energy, lack of motivation. On the other hand, severe depression cause loss of interest in food, or even any kind of pleasurable activity.

Sexual Problems

Sexual libido starts in the brain, so it should be no surprise that sexual problems can be a side effect of depression. Erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, and even low or no desire are all possibilities when you are depressed. Let’s face it, depression just sucks all the fun out of life.

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