Self Care Isn’t Selfish

self care isn't selfish

You might have noticed that self care is considered a negative or selfish thing by many . You might even feel a little resistance while trying to take care of yourself more. Our society was raised on working hard and helping others before you can help yourself. The attitude seems to be that self care is more of a reward for working hard than something that is vital to your health. That simply is not true, self care isn’t selfish. Self care benefits you and everyone else around you.

Your Oxygen First

I’ve said this before, but it’s a great example and needs to be repeated. When you get on a plane, one of the first things the flight attendant will tell you to do is, in the event of an emergency to put your oxygen mask on before you assist others. Not because it’s selfish, but because it’s logical. If you are having a hard time breathing you won’t be able to help others around you. If you don’t put on your oxygen mask first, both you and the person needing your help will be out of luck, all because you put them before yourself.

Translated to Your Life

This same story translates to your everyday life. If you are burned out or unhappy, you won’t benefit the people around you. You will do sub par work, and maybe even say things you don’t mean to say, if you don’t take care of yourself. By simply putting yourself first, you can easily change your productivity and relationships with work, friends, and family. Everyone benefits in the end, if they can get to their oxygen masks easily.

Take Care of Yourself

You’ll Know You Better

A good self care routine also allows you to truly discover yourself. Knowing what you enjoy, as well as what makes you feel satisfied or fulfilled, benefits the people around you too. These people get to experience the best you that there is. The relaxed and highly self-confident and powerful person you are. Less negativity and resentment towards others allows for stronger and more meaningful relationships to flourish.

Don’t Stop

There may be a few people in your life that will see self care as selfish, but don’t let it stop you. Instead, educate them, or take them out of your life if need be. Maybe they are just as overwhelmed as you are, but don’t understand the importance of self care. More than likely they will agree with you and even add it to their schedule. If they don’t understand it, there is no point in stressing about what they say. Don’t let them stop you from taking care of yourself. Your health, happiness, and life matter too.

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