Sausage Pepper Breakfast Burrito

sausage pepper breakfast burrito with a forkThere are certain foods we like but even in the smallest size it is impossible to eat them before they go bad.  Here are some freezing tips, courtesy of my husband, Art, as well as a tasty recipe for breakfast burritos, courtesy of moi.

One food we love is breakfast sausage.  I can’t remember the last time we had breakfast for dinner, Boo is a vegetarian and Bud has reflux, so Art and I usually only eat sausage individually, on the occasional breakfast burrito.  Art came up with the idea of precooking the sausage and then freezing the crumbles.

First, cook sausage over medium heat, breaking it up with a spoon, until cooked through.

Next, is Art’s tip for draining the sausage.  Push all the sausage to one side of the pan, then tilt the pan so the empty side is down.  Soak up all the excess grease with paper towels (I personally think this is a little wasteful, but he says he only used two paper towels.)

photo of crumbled, cooked sausage and a grease-soaked paper towel in a pan

Allow sausage crumbles to cool, then put in a freezer-safe container and freeze.

Another food item I love is baby bell peppers.  Bud and I are the only members of the family who like them, so I learned to freeze them.  I buy them at Costco in the fresh produce section.  For one day, we eat raw baby peppers with hummus or ranch dressing.  Then we just pop the whole bag in the freezer.  Whenever I need peppers, I can just thaw them quickly under water and slice them up for whatever I need (if you only like your peppers raw, I don’t recommend freezing them because it changes the texture, but for cooking purposes, this works just fine.)

And now on to the breakfast burritos!!

Ingredients (for one breakfast burrito):

1/4 cup pre-cooked frozen sausage

1 egg, beaten

2 or 3 baby bell peppers, chopped

1/8 cup shredded cheese

1 flour tortilla


Combine eggs, sausage and peppers over medium heat.  Stir constantly until almost done but still slightly wet, then stir in cheese and cook for about a minute more. Heat a flour tortilla in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, spoon in filling and roll. Top with your favorite condiments.

sausage pepper breakfast burrito with a forkEnjoy!!

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