Quick Ideas for Simple, Daily, Self Care Exercises

Self-care activities can easily be added into your daily routine without changing much or adding a lot of time to your day. It’s not hard if you try to make it simple. Let’s look at a few exercises that you can do to add self-care to your daily life.

Take Care of Yourself

Wake up Earlier

Wake up thirty minutes earlier than normal. Make a cup of coffee and go outside and breathe in some fresh air if you want to. Alternatively, you can choose to go for a walk, read the newspaper, or a book. I like to do my devotions and journal or meditate. It’s up to you, but don’t do anything that makes you stressed out. This is quiet time just for you.

Wait Times

At some point in life we all end up having to wait around for something. Waiting can be very stressful if you don’t have a plan. Maybe you are at the doctor’s office in the waiting area or waiting in line to pick up your kids from school. Take advantage of this time by bringing a book with you. Play a game of Sudoku. Pop in your earbuds and listen to some relaxing music.

Breaks and Naps

Don’t pass up those breaks at work. Get outside and walk for ten minutes. If you are at home and put your kids down for a nap take advantage of that time to do something for yourself. When you’re given a break, take it.

Use Your Self Care Survival Kit

During the hour before you go to bed, dive into your self care survival kit. You may want to color to bring your blood pressure down so that you sleep better. Choose calming activities close to bedtime.

Change Up Your Routine

Sing while you clean the kitchen, dance while you pick up the living room, or see how fast you can fold laundry. Take a different route to work and blast some music or listen to an audiobook on the way there. It’s amazing what one little change can do for your mood.

Cook Something New

Pick a day out of the week to cook something new and exciting. Make life easy by making each day of the week something different like meatless Mondays or taco Tuesdays. Try different recipes for twists on these dishes.

Smell Your Food More

When you sit down to eat take the time to really enjoy your food. Smell it more and really taste your food. Slow down and chew your food carefully and fully. Be mindful about the food you eat, when you eat. There is no reason to rush and eat your food too fast. (If you are rushed, set a timer for at least 20 minutes when you sit down to eat, so that you remember to take your time.)

Use Your Time Wisely

Turn on calm music or burn some incense while you get ready for work. This will help you think positive while you are getting ready. This is especially important if you have a stressful job.

Pamper Yourself

Buy high-quality shampoo, conditioners, and body soap for your showers. Upgrade your body and face lotions. Buy hand soaps that leave your hands nice and soft. Stick to healthy organic ingredients for an added boost to your daily pampering.

Self-care doesn’t need to be anything major or take hours, a simple change in routine can be exactly what you need. These ideas should help you include self-care activities in your daily life without having to do everything differently.

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