Plan X by Rory Tate Book Review

Plan X by Rory Tate Book ReviewPlan X

by Lise McClendon, writing as Rory Tate



December 2013

342 pages

About the Book:

from the author:

What could be more fun than explosions, spies, and Shakespeare?

 This novel started on a slim premise, that an explosion of any sort, accidental, arson, terrorist, whatever, could be bad. Really bad. Definitely dramatic. In Bozeman a few years ago there was a bad gas leak. A block of downtown blew up. One person died, the unfortunate woman who arrived at her art gallery early and flipped a light switch. That’s all it takes to detonate a gas leak. But for my story some nefarious motives were required. Then the imagination took over.
That was the beginning of PLAN X. It’s a story a few years in gestation, percolating up from that simple, true event to a full-fledged novel. There are some big booms in the book, at the beginning and the end. How are they connected? Well, you’ll see when you read it but there are twists in between. Cody Byrne, the cop who is the main character, is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress from her tour in Iraq. She returns, back on the force in Bozeman, just in time for a huge explosion on the campus of Montana State University. It rocks her world all right, and makes her decide she has to conquer the anxiety that she’s living with. She’s tasked with finding the next-of-kin for one of the victims, a Shakespeare professor. Unfortunately she can’t find a single thing out about him, where he’s from — England, yes, but where? — who his relatives are. But he’s done something odd. He’s hidden old documents, Renaissance pages of — maybe — a play or sonnet with several of his English Department colleagues. Cody latches on to these pages, the only clue she has as to who this man was.

My Review:

Plan X is a thriller with another strong female heroine.  In fact, Cody Byrne has become a little too tough for her own good.  She has a hard time dealing with PTSD from Iraq and is prone to panic attacks and blackouts in public.  She seems to be in some denial about this and has put up a hard shell that will not allow anyone in – especially a man.

That is until Walker Crum called her out of the blue.  Walker was an old friend of her brother Neil and Cody feels an instant bond with the man, even though they are separated by thousands of miles.  When Cody’s search for her victim’s family and information on the antiquated documents takes her across the pond, she and Walker finally meet and discover even more intrigue.

This book was a really exciting read.  I appreciated how honest Cody was about her feelings  – this is not a cold, descriptive book.  I also enjoyed all the author’s research and how well the landscapes were described, whether in Montana or London.

In addition, Lise McClendon is brilliant in the brief clips of Shakespeare’s “last” play which are sprinkled throughout the book.  I really felt as if I might be reading the Bard’s own hand!!

Plan X is a scintillating read, chock-full of action, intrigue and extremely mild love scenes (the way I like them).  Fans of action-adventure with a female protagonist, will love this book!!

I give Plan X five stars!!! A must read!!

I did not receive any compensation in exchange for this review.  I purchased this book on my own and wanted to share it with my readers.

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