Our Crazy Dogs – More Fun Facts About Katie and Kiff

Our Crazy Dogs

Here is Kiff, our crazy corgle.  We learned a little too late that he can use a chair to climb up on the table.  Bud’s girlfriend almost lost a pair of mittens this way.

Our crazy dogs are a little quirky.  Here are some fun facts about Kiff and Katie:

  • Katie loves coconut milk and curry.
  • Kiff can hop on his hind legs (I just can’t manage to capture it on video)
Our Crazy Dogs
Kiff is a little metro dog. He loves his blue toenails.
  • Katie will walk right up to you and smack the palm of your hand with her head if she doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention.
  • When Kiff wants attention he will stand up against your chair and put his paws on your lap or computer.  If you give him any attention, he will try to climb up in your lap.

Our Crazy Dogs

  •  Katie will not eat unless you tell her, “It’s ok, Katie, go ahead and eat.”
  • Kiff, on the other hand, has no such problem.
Our Crazy Dogs
Katie is a princess. She loves her purple toenails.
  •  They will both growl and bark at the door if someone is knocking, but the minute that person comes inside, they are his/her best friend.

We love our crazy dogs!!

Tell me about your crazy pets – what do they do that makes you smile?


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