Moving On

Well here we are in our new house. Things didn’t go quite as smoothly as we would have liked, but it all worked out.

Our escrow was due to close on May 30th.  On May 29th we found out that our bank had again delayed the process so our agent was able to convince the buyers to have a firm close of June 7th.  We were told we needed to be out of the house by midnight June 5th, the agents would do an “empty walkthrough” on June 6th and escrow would close on the 7th.  So far, so good, except that we still didn’t know when we would be able to move into the new house. Art started driving by the house once a day just to check on the previous tenant’s progress in moving out.

On May 30th the new house failed the housing inspection, but the agent said we could come in and sign the lease on June 1st and everything would be fixed by then.  We went in on Friday, the 1st, signed the lease and found out the house had failed the inspection again.  The agent gave us the garage door remote and said we could start moving boxes into the garage until the inspection passed on Monday.

Saturday was the day we had scheduled for Bud’s graduation party.  Friday afternoon I frantically emailed, called, and texted everyone on the guest list, letting them know that we were having the party at the old house.  I know some family members thought I was insane for planning a graduation party in the middle of a move, but in a way it was a goodbye party for the old house as well.  We took about four hours out of our packing and moving to celebrate Bud’s achievement and then went back over to the new house to work.

the author's son and his girlfriend
Bud cutting his cake

By Monday afternoon we had filled up the garage plus all available closets, but still had no news about the inspection.  About 4:45 p.m. Art found out the inspector was off until Wednesday (the day after we were supposed to be out of the old house).  The rental agent gave us the keys and told us to go ahead and move into the house and the inspector would have to work around us.  We had no choice, so we went with it.

We worked until about 10 p.m. Monday and then until midnight Tuesday but still weren’t finished.  Art called our real estate agent and told him we would be done by Wednesday afternoon.  We didn’t get to bed until after 3 a.m. on Tuesday because we had to make a path to the bed, clear it and make it so we could sleep in it.  We then woke up at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday so I could go to work and Art and his parents could keep moving. Bud and Boo helped as they could. By Wednesday evening the move was over, but Art and his dad still had to go back on Thursday morning early to the old house to make a dump run of old boards, etc. that had accumulated over the years.  We were very lucky to have everything done an hour or so before escrow closed.

So it was a whirlwind week and now we are unpacking and since everything was moved so quickly, trying to find stuff.  For example, all the Christmas decorations are on shelves within easy reach, but half the kitchen dishes are stacked in the third row, in a corner, behind a garbage can and some chairs.  Oh well, the washer and dryer are now hooked up, all the food is put away, we have cooked here, and we get our phone, Internet and TV back tomorrow.  Best of all, the giant weight that sat on my shoulders for the past four months is finally gone.  Now to plan the housewarming party…

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  1. Funny, don’t the other people involved know how important this stuff is? I mean to have scheduled time off ending after their task was supposed to have been completed is simply outrageous… but I’m glad your Christmas decorations are in their place.

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