I’m embarrassed to admit it, but before last week I had never made a 3d paper snowflake.  Then, one boring day at the office, one of my co-workers introduced me to the simple joy of snowflake making.  We had so much fun with it that we were challenged by a friend to see if we could make mini 3d snowflakes using adhesive notes.

In some ways, it’s actually easier to do with the adhesive notes because they’re already square.  When making a larger snowflake out of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, you need to first fold the paper like so:

IMAG0836then cut off the extra strip so that the unfolded paper makes a square, but most adhesive notes are already square, so you are good to go!!

Mini 3d Paper Snowflake How To:

You will need six adhesive note pages (they must be square or you will have to trim them to square).  They should all be the same size, but different colors are okay.  You will also need tape and staples.


1. Fold each adhesive note in half, crosswise, so it forms a triangle.

Mini 3d paper snowflake2. Fold it in half again, point to point.  Then unfold, so you have a crease down the middle like so:

mini 3d paper snowflake3. Make 3 diagonal cuts on each side of the center line, but do not let the cuts on either side meet each other!!

mini 3d paper snowflake4. Unfold the paper, very carefully (remember the adhesive):

mini 3d paper snowflake5. See how the center piece forms its own little square?  Take the two unattached corners and cross them over  to form a roll (kind of like a burrito) then tape it closed.

mini 3d paper snowflake6. Flip the paper over.  Take the next square up.  Roll the unattached corners together and tape.  Continue flipping over the paper and rolling the squares until you get something that looks like this:

mini 3d paper snowflake
Thanks to my friend Catelyn for teaching me how to make snowflakes.

7. Once you have all six pieces of paper rolled, lay them out in a line so they are all facing in the same direction.  Then grab the tops and staple them all together.

mini 3d paper snowflake

8. Lay the pieces flat. Next tape the outer loop of one to the outer loop of the one next to it until all six pieces are attached.  And there’s your snowflake:

mini 3d paper snowflakesAfter we’d made a few minis, I got the idea to attach a mini snowflake to a full size one.  To do this, I just positioned the two snowflakes carefully, so the centers lined up, then using a needle and thread, sewed back and forth through the centers until they were securely attached.

mini 3d paper snowflakeSo there you have it!! A simple, relatively cheap and super fun to make decoration for home (or office, LOL).



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