Making a Motivational Storyboard

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures can also help you find your motivation. If weight loss is your goal, have you ever looked in the mirror and been disappointed by what you see? This might give you enough motivation to start a new diet but it might not be enough to keep you on track for months at a time.

This is where using a storyboard comes in handy. By having a visual story board you can track your progress by looking backwards.

When it comes to motivation you tend to always be focused on the end goal. While this is good it can also be a factor for losing your motivation. If your goal was to lose 100 pounds and you have only lost 30 you may feel as though things aren’t working any more. You start to feel like giving up.

A photo of the author at 180 pounds in 2010, at 160 pounds in 2012, and at 145 pounds in 2017.
This is my motivational storyboard for weight loss. Left photo is 2010, middle 2012, and right photo is 2017.

When this happens you want to look backward instead of forward. This way you can focus on your accomplishments and successes. This is the perfect strategy for long term goals that could require a year or more of motivation and focus.

As your body changes you can’t always remember what you looked like 2 or 3 months ago. If you have images then you do have a reminder of this. This is why creating your own storyboard of your motivational journey is so important.

You can create your own visual storyboard in many different ways. You can actually have a physical storyboard in your home where you can add photos each week or month.

Another way to do this is online by uploading your photos and creating a storyboard. One of the best places to do this is on Pinterest. You can create a weight loss, exercise board or any board dedicated to your new goal.

When you begin you add your starting photos and then add photos on a regular basis. Once you start doing this you might even enjoy adding photos each week. Plus, you can share them with your friends and family as well.

As soon as you feel like you are losing your motivation you can easily refer back to your board and take a good look at how far you have come. You can even upload pictures about your feelings at that moment. That way if it happens again you can see how you dealt with it. Try it and see if it doesn’t help you stay on track.

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