Make a Salad Bar at Home

As part of our quest for a healthier lifestyle, Art and I have been trying to eat more salads.  When he got back from his trip to Oregon, Art complained that grocery store salad bars are way more expensive in California.  We have very different tastes in veggies (Art is way more picky) so making a big tossed salad is out of the question.

After trying the salad “kits”, we realized we could put our own salads together for less money and that way we would both get exactly what we wanted.

salad bar at homeHere’s our home salad bar.  Isn’t it beautiful?  To be perfectly honest, we normally just grab from the individual bags for each item, but I wanted to pretty it up for my readers 😉

Ingredients (from the left):

Top Row: Mixed greens, shredded carrots, broccoli, garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

Bottom Row: Spinach, chopped baby bell peppers, sliced mushrooms, tomatoes (canned diced), kidney beans

Add condiments of your choice.  Art likes to add some pepperoncini, shredded cheese, bacon bits, chow mein noodles and honey mustard dressing.  I prefer just a few bacon bits and a vinaigrette.

salad bar at home

Here’s my salad, before the dressing.  I didn’t put any bacon bits on it this time because I had a baked potato with dinner and I love to put a few bacon bits on my baked potato.

The nicest thing about having all our favorite ingredients well stocked all the time is that we can have a salad whenever we want.  Sometimes I will add some leftover chicken and have just the salad for lunch or dinner.

What are your favorite salad ingredients?  Do you have your own family salad bar?

One thought on “Make a Salad Bar at Home

  1. OK,now there you are,a very healthy idea,as long as the healthy stuff way outnumbers the non-healthy items.Dad and I have salad very often,and have fresh ingredients as often as they are available,oh,and organic, too.We love blasamic vinegar as a drsg.Spincah or a mix of greens,never iceberg lettuce.Grape tomatoes,shredded carrots and cabbage(purple)as much crunchy fresh veggies as we have and wella,love it!!!!
    Thank you,sweetheart,now I can forget about the “grey meat” recipe!!
    Love you,

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