Nine Lessons Learned from the Earthquake #napaquake

Almost two weeks ago, our local town was rocked by a 6.0 earthquake.  I have already blogged about our experience the day of the event.  Since we have been doing cleanup and dealing with the aftermath, we have discovered some things we need to do differently in order to be prepared for another disaster.

the author's gun safe, fallen over with the title "Lessons We Learned from the Earthquake"

Hollow Wall Anchors/Screws

Anchor your furniture to the wall.

As you can see from the photo above, we had a large safe fall forward.  We also had a hutch on top of a dresser fall over as well an electric fireplace and a flat screen TV.  We have since wall-mounted the replacement TV and we will be anchoring everything else to the wall.  We are leaving the safe in its tilted position for the time being, in case of aftershocks (of which we have had quite a few).

Maglite – 4-cell D Display Box Black

Keep a flashlight by your bed (preferably in a drawer).

We were lucky that Art always keeps a mini flashlight in his nightstand drawer.  Bud also had a flashlight, but it was on top of his nightstand and rolled off.  I used the flashlight app on my cell phone, but I think it would have been much easier if we’d all had a flashlight to reach for.

Energizer – D Cell Alkaline Battery (20500 mAh – D – Alkaline – 1.5 V DC)

Don’t forget the batteries!!

Fortunately we had a few small flashlights in operation, as well as one battery operated radio.  Unfortunately, we were all out of D batteries, so we couldn’t use any of our larger flashlights.  Those would have come in handy while mopping the kitchen floor at 5 a.m.!!!

American Red Cross Clipray Crank-Powered, Clip-On Flashlight & Smartphone Charger, Red

Consider having a hand crank charger for your cell phones.

Our power was only out for about 9 hours, but others had theirs out for a few days.  A cell phone is a great way to get and give information, through social media or the Internet.  Keeps yours charged!!

Cabinet Locks – Adoric Child Safety Locks 4 Pack

Babyproof your cabinets and cupboards.

It may sound silly, especially if there are no small children in your house. Putting a babyproof lock on your cupboard door could keep your china from flying across the room in an earthquake.  Just be very careful when you open those doors later!!

Nestlé Pure Life Bottled Purified Water, 16.9 oz. Bottles, 24/Case

Keep plenty of bottled water on hand for drinking.

In addition, you may want to buy some gallon jugs of water to keep on hand for cooking.  Many of our local neighborhoods had broken water mains.  People in those neighborhoods went day without safe drinking water from the tap.

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start 

Consider purchasing a generator.

One house on our block had a generator and all the rest of us were jealous 😉 This is a big purchase, but if you can afford it, you might get some peace of mind from a portable generator.  One this size can run multiple appliances at one time.  Make sure to have plenty of gas on hand to keep it running.

Midland – ER210, Emergency Compact Crank Weather AM/FM Radio

Have a battery operated radio on hand

Our battery operated radio was really helpful for finding out exactly what was going on and giving us some peace of mind.  We kept it on in the background for news reports and status updates.  (Don’t forget the batteries!!)

Kidde 466227-01 ABC Pro Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Keep a fire extinguisher and have it serviced yearly.

The earthquake triggered quite a few house and other smaller fires in our town and surrounding area.

Do you have any tips for preparing for a disaster?  Please share them in the comment section below.

10 thoughts on “Nine Lessons Learned from the Earthquake #napaquake

  1. Great tips. Glad to say we have quite a few of them. We don’t have earthquakes but we have a severe storm season that we have to be prepared for.

  2. We don’t have to fear earthquakes but all these items are good to have on hand in case of any emergency. We have pretty much everything on the list but it’s scattered in a variety of places.

  3. My husband and I are very prepared.We have a number of different bug out bags and lots of different supplies depending on the disaster we might be facing. You never can be too prepared.

  4. The hand crank USB charger looks like a must have for modern emergencies! We always have protective, easy to slip on footwear by beds too, in case of broken windows!

  5. Many of those tips are very useful for planning for any kind of disaster and very good to implement in any home. I’m glad that no one was hurt in your home

  6. These are great tips for people that live in earthquake zones. In Florida we have hurricanes and there are similar things we need in case of a hurricane.

  7. We used to get earthquakes when we lived in Seattle. Pretty rare now that we are in New England. Great tips.

  8. I had no idea that crankable cell phone chargers are available. This would be great to have in an emergency!

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