I Dare You: Try a Random Act of Kindness

Maybe you’re not convinced you’re ready to go out there to spread unexpected joy in the world. I can understand that. Giving without a special occasion or particular reason can feel foreign. You may worry about the reaction you’ll receive. Let’s explore some of these issues so you can move out of your comfort zone and try a random act of kindness today.

Practice Kindness

Kindness goes beyond simply being nice. Being kind is selfless. It requires empathy and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. In our busy modern world, we’re often consumed with hectic schedules and too many commitments. It can be difficult to look outside of ourselves and consider the needs of others. Random acts of kindness require you to take the leap and do just that. These selfless acts are to be performed for others for no other reason than to make their day better or to improve their mood.

What’s holding you back?

Maybe you feel insecure about putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this way. It takes courage and self-confidence to give freely to another with no agenda or particular reason. It will get easier once you begin to practice doing little acts here and there. Are you worried about other’s reactions? It can be risky to take the leap, but the rewards are usually worth it. Most recipients are quite enthusiastic and happy to get such a surprise. Is your life so overwhelming that it seems impossible to spare anything for anyone else? You might be surprised to find this is not the case once you start to give.

Step out of your comfort zone

Random acts of kindness can take you out of your own little world and allow you to connect with others in meaningful ways. This can have a very powerful effect on you, your recipient and anyone who sees or comes in contact with your efforts. Performing unsolicited good deeds adds positivity to the world around you. It will rarely have negative repercussions. Try taking just one small step outside your comfort zone to give to another in even the smallest of ways. Then try something a bit more daring the next day. Each positive response will increase your confidence.

Are you ready to start performing random acts of kindness today?

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