Homemade Halloween Costumes Through the Years

the author, at age 2, wearing a homemade hobo costume and holding a plastic cigar


This is the first Halloween costume my mom ever made me.  Some of my dad’s old clothes, cut down and patched, plus a plastic hat and cigar and a little makeup.  So easy!!  (Or are hobo costumes not politically correct now?)

the author, at age 10, wearing a homemade scarecrow costume, with her brother, wearing a clown maskHere’s another great costume from Mom.  I’m in the scarecrow costume in the back and my little brother is in the clown mask in the front.  This was another costume made from one of my dad’s old shirts and patched.  She used a pillowcase to make the mask. A straw hat, some gloves and a few pieces of straw stuck into the sleeves completed the outfit.  I loved it so much I wore it two years in a row!!

the author's daughter, wearing a homemade Puddleglum costume, contrasted with a photo of the Puddleglum characterThis is a costume I made for Boo when she was about 7.  She wanted to be Puddleglum, one of the characters from the Narnia series.  Puddleglum is a marshwiggle, so we wanted a greenish, marshy look.  I painted Boo’s face in camouflage colors.  She wore her own green polo and sweats to which I hotlgued green streamers.  We topped it off with a straw hat.  That’s Boo on the left and Puddleglum on the right.  What do you think?

the author's son wearing a Mr. Mistofelees homemade costume and the author wearing a homemade Cats costumeThat same year I made Bud and I costumes from the musical Cats.  Bud wanted to be the magical Mister Mistofelees, and I was just a regular Jellicle Cat.  I bought a yard of fake fur and some glitter glue and went to town!! (the rest of the clothes we already owned).  The only tricky part was getting Bud to wear tights.  I told him they were black “boy tights” and he was fine with it.

the author wearing her fairy princess costumeAnd here’s my costume for this year.  I have always wanted to be a fairy princess.  I bought the wings and false eyelashes at the Halloween store.  The gloves are mine (left over from the 80s, LOL), as are the rest of the clothes.  Boo did my makeup.  I love it!!

So what about you?  Any memorable homemade costumes?  What are your plans for this year?  Please share in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Halloween Costumes Through the Years

  1. OMG…. that is so funny. That was my first costume too! I still remember that cigar for some reason….

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