Happy Birthday Art!! (Why You’re Still My Favorite Husband ;-)

photo of the author's husband, wearing a Happy Birthday t-shirt, with the title Happy Birthday Art!

This is Art.

Today is his birthday.

To celebrate, I thought I would write him this very public birthday card to let him know why he is still my favorite (even if he is my only) husband.

  1. He can always make me laugh, even when I am in a really bad mood.photo of the author and her husband being silly under a banner which reads Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Morris Jr.
  2. Even when he says something disgusting (as boys are wont to do) I am still strangely attracted to him.A black-and-white photo of the author's husband and a friend hamming it up for the camera.
  3. He knows how to give a really good hug.photo of the author and her husband with their arms around each other, posing on a balcony
  4. He always thinks outside the box.
  5. What can I say?photo of the author wearing a red t-shirt which reads I Heart Chubby Bearded Guys

Love you baby!!

Happy Birthday!!

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