Gates Foundation Annual Letter 2015 – Are You a Global Citizen?

gates foundation annual letterEvery year, for the past fifteen years, Bill and Melinda Gates have released an annual letter, on behalf of their foundation, talking about improvements that can be made globally in health, education and reducing inequity.  In last year’s letter, they talked about many of the ways the world has improved over the past fifteen years.

In this year’s letter, they are making a bet for the next fifteen years: that the lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history thanks to breakthroughs in health, farming, banking, and education.  At the end of the infographics you will find some tips on how you can help the Gates’ bet come true.

Child Deaths Will Go Down and More Diseases Will Be Wiped Out

Gates Foundation annual letterAfrica Will Be Able to Feed Itself

Gates Foundation annual letterMobile Banking Will Help the Poor Transform Their Lives

Gates Foundation annual letterBetter Software Will Revolutionize Learning

Gates Foundation Annual LetterAre You Ready to Be a Global Citizen?

Do you care about helping those in the world’s poorest places improve their lives?  Then you have what it takes to be a global citizen.

The Gates Foundation is recruiting tens of millions of global citizens.  Here’s the description from their letter:

Becoming a global citizen doesn’t mean you have to dedicate your life to helping the poor. It does mean you follow an issue of global importance—whether it’s one we wrote about in this letter, or another, like human rights or governance. You take a few minutes once in a while to learn about the lives of people who are worse off than you are. (In fact, if you’re still reading this far into our letter, you are probably a global citizen.) You’re willing to act on your compassion, whether it’s raising awareness, volunteering your time, or giving a little money.

If you want to be a global citizen, you can sign up at

You will be able to get updates on how you can help, share what you’re learning, and connect with other people and organizations who care about similar issues.

Are you a global citizen?  What do you think is the biggest issue affecting growth and improvement for all the world’s citizens?

3 thoughts on “Gates Foundation Annual Letter 2015 – Are You a Global Citizen?

  1. I really do respect the work The Gates Foundation has done. It’s great to see people use their wealth to do good in this World!

  2. This is so very important. It is so important for people like these wonderful two to start taking initiatives and all of us to follow!

  3. I think the biggest issue facing the world right now is the climate. If we don’t do something to figure that out nothing we do to fix anything else is going to matter.

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