Finding My Voice – My First Podcast Interview!!

I am so excited!! I was interviewed for a podcast with Joel Boggess,life coach, motivational speaker, and blogger, with his wife, Pei at Finding Your Voice.  Joel and Pei have an awesome ministry, teaching women how to find their own voice and “discover success from within.”  I was so honored when Joel asked if he could interview me and now the podcast is live!! You can check it out here.

vision board with a photo of the author in her 20s, a photo of the author and her husband, a beautiful woman with a bun, a smiling woman, a heart, and the words Beautiful Life, LIFE, colorful, I write my own story, gratitude, and be eat well
Here is the vision board we talk about in the interview.
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2 thoughts on “Finding My Voice – My First Podcast Interview!!

  1. Listened to the full podcast! Way to go T. And not one cough the whole time 😉 so proud and inspired

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