Easy Pantry Organization Craft

easy panty organizationOver Thanksgiving weekend, Art and I went for a visit with his parents. While we were there, Art’s mom showed me one of her recent dollar store finds.  She had bought some cute woven baskets to help organize her pantry.  The only problem was, she couldn’t easily tell what was inside of them.

easy pantry organizationI thought about it for a day and came up with a fun and easy craft.  We made tie-on labels for the baskets.  They only require a couple of items and can easily be swapped out if she changes her mind about what she wants to store in the baskets.

Easy Pantry Organization Craft

Material Needed:

Square or rectangular woven baskets

unlined 3″ x 5″ cards

ribbon (we used 1/4″ curling ribbon), cut into 6″ lengths

Colored pens (we used a labelmaker)

Single hole punch


Cut the cards in half, lengthwise.

Laying each card half down so it is oriented horizontally, mark  a dot on each side at 1/2″in and  1/4″ down.

easy pantry organizationNext, either write directly on the card or use your labelmaker.  We used 18pt. Helvetica with small margins and a 2.5″ length to make our labels.

easy pantry organizationThread one length of ribbon through each hole. Holding the label against the basket in the position you want it, thread the ribbon between  the weave in the basket, from outside to inside.  Make sure the ends of the ribbon are even and tie them off at the top of the basket. Trim off the excess ribbon.

easy pantry organizationEnjoy!!




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  1. Hi Teressa, I just called in to let you know you are a winner in my giveaway. Can you please email me your address.
    I love the way you labelled up the pretty baskets, what a great idea. Barbara.

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