Corgle Update – He’s So Cute!!

Here’s a photo of Kiff – the Unexpected Corgle, when he first arrived at our house in November 2011:

Photo of the author's corgle puppy in a blanket

And here’s a pic of Kiff now:

the author's corgle puppy at five months oldHe weighs about 18 pounds – and is about 5 months old.

Here are a few things we’ve learned about him in the last few months:

  1. He’s a chick magnet.  Seriously.  Wherever we go with him, girls flock to him, say “he’s so cute!” and ask about him.  Again – mother part beagle, part corgi; father unknown.  Now that he’s a little bigger if there’s any dog experts out there who have a guess as to his father’s breed, please feel free to comment.
  2. He loves to lay in the sun – especially the patch of sun by the front door.
    the author's corgle puppy resting in a patch of sunlight
  3. He likes to eat paper – specifically toilet paper or kleenex, although he also has a tendency towards toilet paper tubes and dixie cups.  We’ve trained him not to knock over garbage cans so as long as no paper hits the floor, it’s all good.
  4. He loves to lie on his back.  Sometimes he falls asleep in this position with his eyes open.
    the author's corgle puppy sleeping on his back with his eyes open
  5. We love him so much and are so happy he came into our lives!!




3 thoughts on “Corgle Update – He’s So Cute!!

  1. What a cuite pie,his colors are so sweet.Pets are slways wonderful family members and help kids learn responsibility,compassion,tenderness and many more wonderful traits.We love our lab sisters.

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