Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl Recipe

A couple of years ago I saw a photo of sugar cookie bowls on Pinterest.  They looked yummy, but I’m not a huge sugar cookie fan, so I just put the idea on the back burner.  Then, last week I was browsing through my old pins and found the photo.  I thought, how great would it be if I could make chocolate chip cookie bowls?  That would be totally awesome!!  So I fiddled around with the recipe for a few days and this is what I came up with:

chocolate chip cookie ice cream bowls


3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup softened butter (not melted, just squishy) 1 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs 2 1/4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt
1 bag (12 oz.) mini semisweet chocolate chips cooking spray


Heat oven to 350F.  Beat sugars, butter, vanilla and egg in a large bowl or mixer on medium speed.  Stir in flour, baking soda and salt.  If using a mixer, turn down to low and add in chocolate chips, letting mixer run for 15-30 seconds to blend thoroughly.  Otherwise, mix them in with a spoon.

Decide how big you want your cookie bowls and choose an appropriate mold.  I had some cute mini bundt pans, but you could use ramekins or even small cereal bowls if you like.  Spray the outside of the molds thoroughly with cooking spray and place a few inches apart on a cookie sheet.

mini bundt pans placed open side down, on a cookie sheetFlour a cutting board or counter thoroughly and using a rolling pin, roll the dough as thin as possible (about an eighth of an inch).  Using a floured butter knife, cut a dough circle slightly larger than the diameter of your mold.  Drape the dough circle over the mold and gently press the dough into any curves.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.  Allow to cool about 10 minutes, then remove each mold from the cookie sheet.  Using the tip of a sharp knife, gently loosen the cookie bowl from the mold.

chocolate chip cookie bowl recipeOne batch of dough will make 8-10 bowls (depending on the size you want – if you went really small you could probably get a dozen out of it).

Fill with your favorite dessert.

chocolate chip cookie bowl with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped creamEnjoy!!

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