Bullying Prevention Month Resources

bully prevention resources
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October is Bullying Prevention Month.  Over the years, I have told the story of our family’s ordeals with bullying, as well  as offered resources and tips on how to deal with bullying.  Here is a roundup of all my bullying posts:

When Older Kids are Bullied -Part One

When Older Kids are Bullied – Part Two

When Older Kids are Bullied – Part Three

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Childhood Bullies

Cyberbullying – Part One

Cyberbullying – Part Two

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Cyber Stalking

Checked In – Is Social Media Stalking You?

How to File a Civil Temporary Restraining Order

Haltabuse.org – A Resource for Victims of Cyberbullying/Cyberstalking

BGCA CyberSafe Futures Intitiative

3 thoughts on “Bullying Prevention Month Resources

  1. Bullying remains such a problem and it worries me now that my little granddaughters are starting school. It is such an ugly thing to be confronted with.

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