You Have Been BLOCKED

I woke up Sunday morning completely blocked.  Nose so stuffed that my lips were coated from  mouth breathing all night – you know what I mean.  A Sudafed and some vertical positioning and i was feeling considerably better.  But that sinus blockage was a physical metaphor of my life right now:

  • I haven’t worked on my book in two weeks – Writer’s Block
  • I haven’t lost any weight since March (haven’t gained any either, but still…) – Plateau (or Weight Watchers Block)
  • I have way cut back on my exercise – down to just squats and walking (Runner’s Block? – see Weight Watchers Block above)
  • We still haven’t found anyone who will rent to us (Renter’s Block? – we are looking at a house this morning which is supposed to be a sure thing –  hopefully…)
  • Five and a half months since the buyers made their initial offer and our house still hasn’t closed (Escrow Block – although at least that means we have a place to live for a couple more weeks)

I wallowed in my blockage for the better part of the morning before deciding to take action.  I don’t have any control over the last two items on the list, but here’s what I’m doing to unblock myself from the other three:

  • Finally looked at the interviews for my next chapter and decided I need to solicit more interviews to have a full chapter.
  • Going to increase the number of strength training exercises for now and slowly increase my walking as my asthma allows.
  • Planning to up my freggie intake so I can still have food in the quantity I like, but with lower calories, higher fiber, etc.

Making plans and moving forward (if only a little) made me feel much better and the day ended on a positive note.  I even found a topic for this blog post!!

Are you blocked?  What can you do about it?

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