6 Ways to Add Laughter to Your Life

You live a stressful life – so many expectations and responsibilities! Sometimes it’s hard to see the lighter side of life. It’s good to stay focused on the important things, but we should also make time to simply have a good laugh. Laughing burns calories, bonds you to your loved ones, and relieves stress. What more could you want in an activity that is so fun and refreshing? Here are six ways to add laughter to your everyday life.

6 Ways to Add More Laughter to Your Life
  1. Go to karaoke night
    Whether or not you can sing, attend karaoke night at a local pub. If you can sing, it will be fun and you will surely get a few moments of laughter. If you are a terrible singer, even better. Openly mock yourself. Quietly find humor in the others whose voices are not their strong point either. There are always a few.
  2. Watch a funny movie
    Sometimes all it takes to de-stress is to watch someone else being funny. Put on a good comedy. Some of my favorites are:
    Monty Python And The Holy Grail
    Duck Soup
    The 40-Year-Old Virgin
    Mel Brooks’ History of the World — Part I
    Choose one with your favorite silly actors, and enjoy. You can also find funny, short videos on YouTube.
  3. Make a prank call
    This is only applicable to a close friend, preferably without a heart condition, but if you want to have a really good laugh… make a prank call. If you have been blessed with the ability to disguise your voice, call your friend up and act as though you are an obnoxious salesman. As immature as this sounds, you and your friend will both probably get a laugh out of the ordeal that you will never forget.
  4. Play a practical joke
    Another one to use on a good friend who shares your sense of humor… playing a practical joke tops the list of easy laughs. Whether you choose to set several hidden alarm clocks in their room, or switch the salt and sugar temporarily, give them a reason to remember you. Other ideas include dropping a fake spider or snake over their shoulder, changing their cell phone setting to a foreign language, or covering a bar of soap with clear nail polish.
  5. Ask your children (or grandchildren) to make some jokes
    If you have little ones, or friends with little ones, ask them to be the comedian for the evening. Sometimes children say the funniest things. Even when their jokes fall flat, there is something humorous about a little one trying to get a laugh out of the adults.
  6. Find Humor Even When It’s Difficult
    My friends and I are into really dark humor. I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes, but one of the most important things to do is to search for the humorous moments. When you lock yourself out of your car, remember what a funny story it will be in the future, and start to point out the funny details to yourself and your family. When things seem to be going wrong, think of an interesting and hilarious way to tell your story to someone at a later time. This can change a stressful moment into a great one in an instant.

There are many ways to add laughter to your life. Use these ideas as a springboard to your own list of raucous laugh-inducers. You will feel your stress melt away as the laughs increase on a daily basis.

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