Christmas Gifts from NOVICA – Bless Your Loved One AND a Stranger

a photo of two Thai children leans in front of a wrapped gift. Above is the title "Christmas Gifts from NOVICA - Bless Your Loved One and Empower a Stranger"

Moms are difficult to buy for, nicht war?  We say, “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything.”  But of course, we would love to have something, we just don’t want to put that sort of obligation on our kids.

My mom loves my Cheesy Herb Bread, but I’ve given that to her every year for awhile now.  I really wanted to up my game this Christmas.

I was thrilled when NOVICA offered me a $50 gift card in exchange for an honest review of their website.  Mom and I both love NOVICA because of their unique, handmade gifts.


NOVICA sells unique, fair trade items that are handmade by artisans around the world. NOVICA’s mission is to spread happiness to its artisans.  To date, NOVICA has sent over $64.2 million to artisans in eight regions around the world.

Spoiler Alert: Mom, if you’re reading this, please don’t scroll any further or it will spoil your Christmas present 🙂

a photo of two Thai girls leans on a wrapped gift

I ordered “Jade Bouquet”, a lacquered wood box from Thailand, as part of my Christmas gift for my mom.  Look how it came right out of the shipping box. The gift wrap is simple, but beautiful.  In addition, there is a little postcard from Thailand – on the back is a hand-written thank you note from the artist.  The little card to the left has a quote from the artist and a description of the box

Jade Bouquet: Thailand’s Nantana Sompamitre designs a floral composition detailed in green for the design of this decorative box. Hand-carved of mango wood, the etched images are underscored by glossy black lacquer.

Here’s a photo of the top of the box:

top of the box from NOVICA called "Jade Bouqet"

And  here’s one of the sides:

side of the box from NOVICA called "Jade Bouqet"

Isn’t it beautiful?  I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship!!  I would highly recommend NOVICA for unique gifts for your loved ones, or even something special for yourself!!

Shhh – here’s the super, super secret part of Mom’s gift:

I mean, I can’t give her an empty box, can I?

I decided to make it a “thank you” box.  I took a roll of adding machine tape and cut twelve strips, each about three inches long.  I wrote something I am thankful for or something I admire about my mom on each strip.

Thank you for giving me a love of reading.

Then I wrapped each little note around a pen until it made a scroll.

a note wrapped around a pen

Lastly, I tied each little scroll with satin ribbon and placed them in the box:

the "Jade Bouqet" box filled with tiny tied scrolls

I hope she likes it!!

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I received a promotional gift from NOVICA in exchange for an honest review through US Family Guide.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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