1000 Shillings Jewelry – Empowering Impoverished Women Worldwide

The accomplishment I am most proud of, in the past 3 years, has been growing my own bookkeeping business (and more recently, this blog) in order to support my family financially.  I am grateful that I had the education, experience and resources to help make my dream a reality.

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What if you had the dream and the talent, but no resources?  That’s where 1000 Shillings comes in.

1000 Shillings works with impoverished women artisans around the world, giving their products an international market for limited edition, high quality products, a platform for women to tell their stories, and seed capital for women to start their own businesses.

Here is one of the lovely ladies who is being helped by the program:

Veronica is a native to Namatala, Uganda. She grew up with her nine sisters and one brother in the same compound where she lives today with her own children.

Her father owns property in Namatala and gave each of his daughters their own plot of land. Veronica was able to build on the land when she received a microfinance grant from a local nonprofit organization. She built a small house that has eight bedrooms, each about the size of a walk-in closet. She lives in the front of the house with her six children and rents the six remaining rooms at 10,000 ($4) Ugandan Shillings per month each. Though the income is small, she feels fortunate to receive this money each month.

photo of VeronicaSeven of her siblings still live in Namatala, and her mother and father live just inches away in the house next door. Most nights, you can often find them playing basic instruments and singing.

Veronica takes care of nine children, three of her own biological children; Sharon, Shariko, and Joseph. She also cares for six of her brother’s children after her brother died and her sister-in-law wasn’t able to provide for them.

Veronica was married in 1986 and was with the same man until 2007; “we didn’t rhyme” is the way Veronica describes their relationship. Veronica is being humble, as the man didn’t provide for her family and often spent time with other women. She left him and now struggles to support the children she is caring for.

Veronica dreams of being able to pay for her children’s school fees. Her children have ambitious dreams of becoming lawyers, policemen, and nurses, and she hopes to be able to support them long enough that they will be successful.

You can check out more of the beautiful jewelry at http://www.1000shillings.com.

Let’s help empower others this year and give some beautiful gifts your friends and family will love!!

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