Wonderful Weirdos Day – Five Weird Things About Me

According to yahoo.com, today, September 9th is officially Wonderful Weirdos Day.  The holiday was established by the city of Austin, Texas in 2000, the same year that “Keep Austin Weird” became the unofficial motto of the city.  Over the past thirteen years, the idea of celebrating weirdness has begun to catch on nationwide.  In honor of this obscure holiday, I would like to present you with:

Five Weird Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I have weird feet:
    wonderful weirdos dayMore specifically, I have weird toes.  Art says they look like they were chopped off in a paper cutter.  Others call them my little Barbie feet (size 6.5 US).
  2. I am (and always have been) a bit of a messy eater.  No matter how hard I try it is fairly common for me to end up with food on my face:
    Wonderful Weirdos Day
    Me – circa 1981


  3. I don’t drink coffee – ever.  I do like tea – mostly chai and herbal, but the oddest part is that I drink a Coke Zero every morning to wake me up.  Just one caffeine a day, any more and I am seriously wired.  I mean operating cell phone, computer and Kindle at the same time type of wired.  Talking so fast you can’t get a word in edgewise type of wired.

    Wonderful Weirdos Day
    Breakfast of Champions???
  4. I don’t sweat.  Well, maybe a little bit.  Enough to sometimes get sticky, but not enough to cool me off.  Which means on hot days, I can very easily get heat stroke (ugh).
    Wonderful Weirdos Day
  5. I LOVE Star Trek!!  I’ve seen all the movies (including the new ones) all the episodes of all the TV series (including Star Trek: The Animated Series) and read quite a few of the books.  I’ve even been to a few conventions:Wonderful Weirdos Day

Do you qualify as a weirdo?  What are some weird things about you?  Please share in the comments below.


14 thoughts on “Wonderful Weirdos Day – Five Weird Things About Me

  1. I think we are all weirdos in one way or another. I have an irrational fear of clowns and show dolls – they completely freak me out. Weird, huh?

    1. I get it Dana – I used to love clowns, but ever since Stephen King’s “It” they are just not the same. And some show dolls look so real, it is downright creepy!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. My feet designer used the same paper cutter on my feet; and I don’t know why, but I’ve always called mine Flintstone feet. I used to think my ears stuck out too much and would wear my hair covering my ears… which looked even worse since I don’t have the kind of features that support that kind of hairdo. I have a voice like Froggie from the Little Rascals. But this is your blog, so I’ll stop at three. LOL

  3. I don’t think anyone can say they don’t have anything weird about them. Everyone’s weird in their own way. LOL

    My body doesn’t function like everyone else. If I need to flush something out of my system I just eat a lot of cheese. Most people it binds them up but not me.

  4. My middle toe (on both feet) is shorter than all the rest. It actually looks like they are on wrong. We first noticed it when I was 5 years old, had my feet up on the dash board and my Mom started cracking up with laughter. Pointing to my toes and saying they are mixed up! The 3rd one should be where the 4th one is and the 4th one should be where the 3rd one is. It didn’t get better, my daughter was born with the exact same toes!

  5. sweetheart,that was a cute/funny post.So human and so lovable!!!
    I have a set of webbed toes on each foot.(no,I do not swim any better,in fact I DO NOT swim at all.
    I am a moisturizer fanatic!I have a bottle on my night-stand and in the bathroom.Before bed at night and in the am when I wake,I moisturize.No all over,just my feet!!!!I would literally hide my feet if I thought they looked bad.
    I care more about what shoes I’m wearing than what I have on for an outfit,……….hummmmmmmOK………I have a foot fetish!!!!!
    Love you,Mom

      1. Funny. I have two webbed toes on both feet too. I prefer twin toes or conjoined toes. It’s really hard to pop them when they feel stiff. And I’m always getting them nearly separated by a chair leg, or some other evil. I even “liked” a group on FB for this. It only had 11 or so members at the time, so I think it was one person with the unique toes, and the rest were that person’s friends.

          1. I’ve seen one other person with toes identical to mine, and my kids saw some guy at a fair with toes like mine. So yes, a very exclusive club. Although my brother, mother, grandmother and great-grandfather all had the same thing but to a lesser extent. Oh, yeah, I do the food thing on the face too. And all over the fingers too. Lol. So awesome there is a Weirdo’s Day. I’ll be sure to celebrate it from here on forward. Fun topic for your blog.

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