Weight Loss Update – September 2012

Okay, so I am up 2 pounds total, which means a total weight loss of 23 pounds instead of 25.  Does that mean the next time I get to 25 pounds lost I can celebrate again? LOL

A lot has happened in my life since I last posted a weight loss update in April.  We had to sell our house of 19 years in a short sell, Bud graduated high school, we moved into our rental house and Art went back to school.  All of that stress means I have felt very lucky to just “maintain.”

But I am trying to get back on track.  I have eliminated almost all the snacky/desserty foods from the house and brought in lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  Boo and I are walking as many days as possible and I am building up to run/walk 5k by Thanksgiving.  I have also started strength training again.  I was very happy to find that I haven’t forgotten how to do squats!!

In addition to my beloved Sparkpeople, I am also trying out a program run by Pete Cohen, the British Weight Loss Guru.  That’s the name of his program at weightlossguru.com.  Pete has a lot of motivational videos, weekly interviews with other weight loss experts, and tons of resources on the website.  It really helped me to stay focused during all of my recent life transitions and I am looking forward to using the program to actually help me lose weight.

So I’ll check back in with you in a couple of months and let you know how things are going.

Any challenges you are facing right now?  How are you handling them?

I received a complimentary three month membership to Weight Loss Guru for the purposes of review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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