Super Easy Vegetable Dip Recipe

My husband’s family is really good at snacks.  Often, when we get together for family parties or holidays we have a snack buffet instead of a heavy meal.  One of my favorite snacks, that my mother-in-law makes, is vegetable dip.  No, it’s not a dip for vegetables (although I guess you could try that).  It’s a vegetable-flavored dip.  It’s super yummy on crackers or spread on little french bread rounds.

This last weekend, we were up in Oregon visiting Art’s parents and I thought I would get the recipe for Bobbie’s yummy vegetable dip to share with my readers.  It’s super easy to make!!


12 ounces mascarpone or whipped cream cheese

1 package dried vegetable soup mix

1-2 Tbsp milk


Stir together the soup mix and cheese.  Add milk, 1 tsp. at a time until mixture is well blended and creamy.  Serve with your favorite dipping foods!!

super easy vegetable dip recipeEnjoy!!

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