The Truth About Owning a Supercuts Franchise #franchising

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Supercuts Franchising.  All opinions are 100% my own.

I love Supercuts.  Bud and I both get our hair cuts at our local Supercuts.  They let you bring in a photo of the look you would like and always have great suggestions.  I like Supercuts way more than its competitors.  But I had never considered owning a Supercuts franchise.  After all, I don’t know how to cut hair (believe me, I tried to cut my own hair once – what a disaster!!)

I found out in doing research for this blog post that there are two common misconceptions in regards to Supercuts franchising:

  • This business is for hairstylists. It’s not a serious business for people who aren’t hairstylists.
  • You need to know how to cut hair to open a Supercuts franchise.

It turns out both of these ideas are FALSE!!

Here are some truths about Supercuts and franchising:

  • The hair care industry is stable. It is a need based business, not a want based business. (Frozen yogurt is a want, but a haircut is a need, both in good times and in bad.)
  • Cutting Hair cannot be made technologically obsolete.
  • Services must be performed by a licensed professional, you won’t ever be cutting hair, you will be in charge of running the business instead.
  • It’s simple to own a Supercuts. You don’t have a high amount of staff, inventory costs are low, hours are especially reasonable compared to other franchise industries such as food, automotive, child care, fitness, etc.
  • The Supercuts brand is widely recognized. It’s also backed by national advertising, robust web and mobile presence and the Supercuts brand is sought after nationally

supercuts franchiseRecently, NPR talked to Gary Robins, a successful Supercuts franchisee who owns 41 Supercuts locations.  The article discusses the whys and hows of franchising with Supercuts.

If you would like to get more information on starting your own business, you might want to check out Supercuts Franchising.




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  1. I,too,have my hair cut at Super Cuts(in Ukiah, Ca.near where we live)I can always count on the friendly,professional staff to cut my hair as I like it.Once,I got home and found a spot the hair-dresser had missed and they fixed it as soon as I got back,with healtfelt apologies,I might add.My hubby and I are retird,on a fixed income and I can get my hair done at Super Cuts for a reasonable amount of money.Thank you,Super Cut Franchise owners everywhere.

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