The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain Book Review

Chronicles of Trellah Book ReviewChronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain

T.S. Graham


YA Contemporary Fantasy

March 2012

252 pages

About the Book:

Chronicles of Trellah Book Review
Fourteen-year-old Sophina Murray will be the first to tell you: Bad luck comes in threes. First, her father is lost at sea. Then, the rains start . And don’t stop. And finally, her little brother
is taken from his bed by a monster straight from her worst nightmare. A glimpse into the parallel universe of Trellah – a land of giant trees, bizarre creatures, and a glowing red mineral with mystical properties – convinces Sophina that all may not be lost. But first, she’ll have to survive in a hostile world where her darkest fears live and breathe.

Trellah is an original and realistic fantasy for ages 12 to 112. Parental guidance suggested for advanced readers ages 10-11 for moderate elements of horror.

The upcoming deluxe edition of this book will include illustrated paintings by artist Ryan Penney. Below is a sample of this talented artist’s work.

Chronicles of Trellah Book ReviewMy Review:

The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain is a thrilling, scary, empowering fantasy book for teenagers and young adults.  Sophina is a strong female character, and a good role model, as is her teacher/mentor Mrs. Tanner.  I enjoyed the beautiful description in this book – so vivid that I could almost smell and taste the wonders Sophina found in the parallel universe of Trellah, not to mention picture in my mind’s eye the grandeur of the landscape.

My favorite part of the book is the underlying theme of consequences.  Sophina realizes how her little brother is affected by her teasing.  Mrs. Tanner realizes her mistake in hiding herself away.  Many people in this book screw up and deal with the consequences good or bad.  I also like the juxtaposition between the Trellian idea of justice and Earth justice.

Trellian justice:”My son will be punished for what he has done,” responded Talfore with an unexpected lack of emotion, “not rewarded for what he will not do in the future.”

Earth justice: “Sophina, you’ll find that your life won’t be defined by the mistakes you make; it’s the lessons you learn from those mistakes that are important.”

Which version is better?  The author doesn’t say – it’s a thought-provoking question that I believe YA readers will enjoy discussing.

I give The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One four glowing red stones.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review through Promotional Book Tours.  All opinions are 100% my own.

About the Author:

About Author T.S. Graham

T.S. Graham was born and raised in midcoast Maine. He has worked as a sea urchin diver, fish monger, home renovator, and in several group homes for children and adults with disabilities. His original screenplay, Stone’s Point, written as Clint Elliott, has won multiple awards. He studied English Literature at the University of Southern Maine, where, despite developing a strong dislike of the traditional curriculum focused on old, dead (and boring) scribes, he somehow managed to graduate with honors. His greatest influences are writers like Stephen King and Michael Crichton, whose talents would have allowed them to write more literary fare, but they chose to thrill and entertain instead. He now lives on a horse farm with his beautiful wife and five daughters, two poodles, two cats, two happy turtles, four playful ferrets, three fish, a corn snake named “Tiger,” dozens of chickens, and, of course, four awesome equines. The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain is his debut novel.

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