The Billionaires Club Book Review

Title: The Billionaires Club

Author: Will Dresser

Genre: Suspense

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: July 2014

Format: Paperback/Kindle

Pages: 346 pages

About the Book:

When does a man have enough? …For one man, when he has it all!

On New Year’s Day the richest man in the world is gunned down on the streets of Mexico City and everyone on the Forbes list of billionaires moves up a notch! But in February, March, and April, each successive title holder turns up dead before month’s end and it becomes clear the title has a terrible cost!

In May, despite Wes Franklin’s efforts to protect her, the newly crowned #1 Richest Person is killed, sending a ripple of panic through the global financial community. In a bold move to lure the killer into the open, an enigmatic friend of Wes steps forward to claim the #1 ranking, thus making himself the next target. It is now up to Wes, A.J., and Aryana to make sure this special friend does not become the next former member of the world’s most exclusive group of people…


AmazonMy Review:

It is no secret that I am a HUGE Will Dresser fan.  Check out my reviews of his other novels; Sacrament of Fear, The Methuselah Man, and Terminal Rock.  I have only had one complaint throughout these books in the ‘Wes Franklin’ series. The first is that the main characters can sometimes come across as a little too perfect.  The other was that Dresser had mentioned other appellations, but never Napa Valley wine in any of his books.

Imagine my surprise when I received The Billionaires Club in the mail.  I hadn’t ordered it and didn’t even know it was finished.  I opened the package and saw this inscription:

billionaires club book reviewI was dying!!  I did something I NEVER do – started rifling through the pages trying to find the passage of which he was spoke.  It didn’t take long:

Esteban, tell Teressa to plan on four for dinner tonight…Ah, que bueno, a bottle of the Jamieson Ranch Pinot Noir…Señor Aryana, this will make Teressa very happy.  She loves Napa Valley wines.

Okay, I have to admit – at this point I went completely fangirl.  I ran through the house jumping up and down, showing my whole family the passage and the inscription.  I took the book to work and bragged about it.  OMG – I was totally shameless!!!

Needless to say, I am a little biased about this book.  But, in my (not so humble at this point) opinion, Will Dresser has done it again!!!

As in previous books, Wes Franklin and his friends in the Ankh Network are hot on the trail of a murder – in this case, the murder of the world’s top billionaires.  As always, lots of twists, turns, exotic locales and expensive tastes abound.

I liked the more in-depth explanation of the Ankh Network’s slogan, The truth never happens in real time:

We cannot stand inaction in life, so we act on the truth we have on hand until a truer truth is discovered.

Despite their best efforts to prevent it, another billionaire is murdered.  Wes has a crisis of faith and for the first time, I actually saw a chink in the armor of this “white knight.”  He comes around when one of his friends gives him this pep talk:

The point, I think, is that Wes Franklin never makes a mistake and now someone is dead because of you… Perfection is a hard standard to live up to, Wes.  I think you may need to lower the bar a little.

A major plot twist ties the story back to The Methuselah Man, as well as preparing the reader for Dresser’s next book, The Chronicles of Cain: The Epic Life of Jarred Kennan Cain As Told to Wes Franklin.   It was nice to see the series come full circle.  I can’t wait for Chronicles of Cain!!

I give The Billionaires Club five stars!!!!  A must read!!  Stand alone, or as part of the series, you will love this book!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Terminal Rock Book Review

Terminal Rock Book ReviewTerminal Rock

Will Dresser

ISBN-13: 978-1475083224


April 2013

322 Pages

About the Book:


Under the management and direction of Dima Gregorovich, the Russian rock’n’roll band REVOLVER has become the biggest international sensation since The BEATLES. But when people associated with the band start turning up dead during their first-ever US Tour, their extraordinary success may all come to an early end!

From the beautiful blue waters of the Cayman Islands to the dangerous Russian streets of Minusinsk, Siberia, Wes, A.J., and Aryana, risk their lives to unravel a web of deception, expose secret identities, and bring an end to a deadly subterfuge that threatens to turn the band into Terminal Rock!

My Review:

When Will Dresser announced the release of the third book in his Wes Franklin series, Terminal Rock, I did something I rarely do anymore.  I purchased the book outright!! I have fallen in love with the characters of Wes, A.J. and Rouzbeh, and just had to know what their next adventure would be.

Yet again, Will Dresser did not disappoint!!  The intense description that has become his trademark in the Wes Franklin novels continues throughout this compelling story.  I had to google some of the items Will describes, such as Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty perfume (the most expensive perfume in the world) and Louis Moinet’s Astralis watch (made with real moonstone), just to make sure they were real!

The twists and turns in this story kept me constantly guessing.  As the saying goes in this series, “The truth never happens in real time,” and so, of course, the resolution to the story took me completely by surprise, which is nice.  I hate it when I figure out whodunnit in the first chapter, don’t you?

Wes and A.J.’s relationship is continuing to evolve.  I loved this line in the book:

He stood watching her for a moment filled with too much emotion to express.  He walked slowly over to her, and when she looked up at him and smiled, he bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips, not with passion but with a deep feeling of love for who she was and what she had brought to his life.

Awwww, sniff sniff.

If I have any complaints about Terminal Rock, it is that in all his descriptions, Will Dresser only mentions wine from the Anderson Valley, instead of the Napa Valley, my hometown.  Other than that, this book is flawless.

I give Terminal Rock, five microphones – a must read!!!

I did not receive any compensation for this review.  I purchased the book on my own and wanted to share it with my readers.

About the Author:

Will Dresser lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where he is currently working on his fourth and fifth Wes Franklin novels, The Billionaires Club and its companion piece, The Chronicles of Cain: The Epic Life of Jarred Kennan Cain As Told to Wes Franklin.  You can follow him at