Tomato Feta Frittata Recipe

What is a frittata?  It's a bit like an omelet, but you don't have to flip it.  It's a bit like a quiche, but without a crust.  Frittata recipes are yummy, healthy and super easy to make!!  Frittatas are one of my favorite breakfasts.  Check out my zucchini onion frittata recipe. Tomato Feta Frittata Recipe … Continue reading Tomato Feta Frittata Recipe

Roasted Tomato Herb Soup

Last week I happened into a plethora of tomatoes from a friend's garden (thank you Micol!!)  I saved all the beautiful golden cherries for salad, but I had to think of something to do with the couple of pounds of vine grown tomatoes before they went bad. Bud and I have always loved a certain … Continue reading Roasted Tomato Herb Soup