All for Family Book Review

Title: All For Family
All for Family Book Review

Author: Olivia Hardin

Series: Rawley Family

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: August 6,2015

Format: Kindle/Paperback

Pages: 212 pages

About the Book:

Wedding bells will soon be ringing in the Rawley family, but gearing up for Van and Kay’s nuptials revives old insecurities for Kay’s sister-in-law Meg. When she learns that her ex-husband is asking for her from his hospital bed, Meg must confront the painful memories of her past. Family is everything for Jeremy Rawley. Most important is the one he and Meg created together. But their beginning was tangled in memories he wishes his wife could forget for good. A call from her past brings them back to a place he thought they’d never have to be again. Forgiveness may be the key, but the first step is finding the locked heart that needs it.


My Review:

I have read both of the first two books in Olivia Hardin’s Rawley Family series, All for Hope and Justice for All.  Each story has been better than the one before, and All for Family is no exception.

Mind you, it is not absolutely necessary to have read the other Rawley Family books in order to enjoy All for Family. Each book stands on its own and focuses on one particular person (or couple) in the family.  In All for Hope, it is Hope (of course). In Justice for All it is Kay Rawley, Hope’s sister-in-law.

All for Family focuses on Meg, Hope’s brother-in-law Jeremy’s wife. Meg has been a very minor (and quiet) character in the other two books,so I really didn’t know much about her.  The book tells the story of how Meg and Jeremy met.

I think most women can identify with the character of Meg. She is uncomfortable in her own skin, constantly comparing herself to her friends, who she believes are prettier.  Meg doesn’t think she looks good in stylish clothes and doesn’t believe a good-looking man would be attracted to her. We’ve all felt this way at some point, haven’t we girls?

When Meg and Jeremy get together it is amazing!!  Warning: There are a couple of sex scenes in this story.  I am usually not a fan of explicit scenes, sometimes even skip over them, truth be told. But the love between Jeremy and Meg is so sweet and romantic (and hot 😉 that I couldn’t resist!!  Olivia Hardin wrote these scenes so well that I felt like I WAS Meg.

I give All for Family 4 1/2 stars!! It’s sweet, romantic, sexy and compassionate (these words also describe Meg). It’s a fun, fast read that will leave you wanting to find out even more about the Rawley family.  Maybe for the next book in the series Olivia could write about how Jeremy and Kay’s mother and father (the count and countess) met. I know I’ll be holding my breath in anticipation for whatever Olivia writes next!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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Walkin On the Sun Smash Mouth Biography Book Review

Title: Walkin’ On the Sun

Genre: BiographyIMG_1194.JPG

Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing

Release Date: June 25, 2015

Format: Kindle

Pages: 65 pages


About the Book:

Hello. My name is Paul DeLisle. I’m the guy who wrote this book. You’ve probably never heard of me. That’s okay. Most people wouldn’t know me from Adam. But, unless you’ve been living in a cloistered monastery for the last fifteen years, you have heard of my band.

So begins the memoir of the creation, rise, and current state of the multi-platinum recording artist Smash Mouth as told by bassist Paul DeLisle. Well known for their hits “All Star,” “Walking on the Sun,” “Then the Morning Comes,” “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby,” and “I’m a Believer,” the band carried the spirit of a generation, but didn’t stop there. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look from Paul’s unique, there from the start, insider’s view.

AmazonMy Review:

Very simply, Walkin’ On the Sun, the Official Smash Mouth Biography, is a brief, chronological history of the band, including how they met, their meteoric success and their struggle to remain relevant 20 years later.

But to elaborate, this book is hip, fresh and fun, with a writing style very similar to the “nouveau-groovy 60’s throwback” style for which their most popular songs are known.  I’m talking about the eponymous Walkin’ On the Sun, not to mention Can’t Get Enough of You Baby, All Star, Then the Morning Comes, and of course, I’m a Believer.

I loved how excited and grateful DeLisle is for all the good things that have happened for him and the band.  Did you know Smash Mouth was discovered by a young Carson Daly?  Or that Neil Diamond was a huge Smash Mouth fan?

I give Walkin’ On the Sun five stars!!  It’s a fast read, and tons of fun for fans of 90’s music (how could that be 20 years ago?)

 I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review through Promotional Book Tours.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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