Beef Stroganoff Without Sour Cream Recipe

I love traditional beef stroganoff.  That creamy goodness, combined with rich egg noodles - I'm salivating just thinking about it. My family on the other hand are not huge fans of sour cream.  Which means I haven't had beef stroganoff in a VERY long time. Fortunately, Willow has a scrumptious recipe, from her grandmother,  for … Continue reading Beef Stroganoff Without Sour Cream Recipe

Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

The other night Art came home with some cube steak from the "grey meat" section of the grocery store.  "Grey meat" is the clearance section of the meat department - meat which is about to expire and is marked down anywhere from 30-50% or more off the original price.  We call it grey meat because … Continue reading Chicken Fried Steak Recipe