This Snack Box is Yum Yum Fun!!

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In my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I have developed a morning meal plan for workdays.  Monday through Friday I eat a yogurt mixed with Coconut Chia Granola (recipe from Sparkpeople).  For my midmorning snack I like to have a piece of fruit and for my midafternoon snack I enjoy nuts or some sort of granola bar.

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately with the bar I eat in the afternoon.  But I was afraid to buy anything new because bars a) bars aren’t cheap and b) what if I didn’t like it?  The other problem is that Art, Bud and I all like different types of bars.  Who can afford to buy three different boxes of bars a week?

I was thrilled when the people at Yum Yum Fun asked me to review their Healthy Bars Snack Box.

About the Box

  • PREMIUM HEALTHY BARS: Have fun with your favorite individually wrapped granola bars and nuts
  • CAREFULLY PACKAGED: This healthy snack gift basket is packed by expert hands with care in our sturdy Yum Yum Fun Gift Box. This assortment of snacks is sure to impress.
  • GUARANTEED FRESH: Each food gift box is clearly marked with the earliest expiration date. We guarantee that your snacks will be fresh for your enjoyment.
  • PLENTY TO GO AROUND: Each box comes packed with 35 bars and nuts. 

My Review

My first impression, before I even opened the box, was that the logo was so cute:

Yum Yum
Happy Food For The Tum

When I looked inside, I was really impressed by the diversity of products:

There were so many different kinds of bars to try!!  Art’s favorites were the chewy bars.  Devin prefers the fig bars, and I have tried a little bit of everything!!  I’ve definitely found some new snack choices for the future.

The Yum Yum Fun Healthy Bar Snack Box would be perfect for military care packages , dorm and college care packages, break room snacks, healthy snacks for kids, team snacks, party snacks, and more.

I highly recommend the Yum Yum Fun Healthy Bar Snack Box for anyone who is trying to break out of a snack rut, or just needs a diversity of healthy snacks for their family.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you in a snack rut?  What is your go-to pick for a healthy snack?

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