The Reflections of Queen Snow White Book Review

My Review:

Snow White has always been one of my favorite fairytale characters.  I was always impressed by how cheerful she remained even in the face of extreme adversity.  However, I can see how readers viewing Snow through a more modern lens might see her as a “victim” personality who needed a tenderhearted huntsman or seven tiny miners, or even a prince to rescue her.  And does anybody really believe in happily ever after anymore?

David Meredith addresses all of the Snow doubters in the achingly beautiful book The Reflections of Queen Snow White.   Throughout her years of marriage and especially since Charming’s death,  Snow has come to believe that she is not capable of being a strong woman – that she needs someone else to fix her problems.

When she stumbles upon her stepmother’s dreaded magic mirror, she is forced to confront her past the way it really happened.  Every gory and heartwrenching detail as well as every joyous and passionate moment is explored.

Yet Meredith stays true to the original story throughout, merely filling in the missing parts of the story to give Snow White a more three dimensional feel.  The Snow of this book seems like a friend, like a woman you could have a latte with.

Warning: This is an adult Snow White.  As in the original fairytale, there is plenty of blood and violence, but there is also some moderate sexual content, since Snow is, after all, a married woman.

I give The Reflections of Queen Snow White 4 1/2 stars!!  Fans of the original fairy tale as well as more modern twists will love this book!!

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