My Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

This is a sponsored post for Splash Creative Media on behalf of Ebay.  All opinions are 100% my own.

In our family we don’t traditionally give gifts for Mother’s Day.  In the past when our parents and grandparents lived close, we would all gather at a local park for potluck and games. Now, many years later, some have passed on and others have moved away.  I’m happy for my kids to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  Bud usually brings me a bouquet of flowers and Boo usually treats me to an ice cream cone.

When I try to think of my perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s a little difficult.  Honestly, so many things have finally gone right for our family in the past few months.  I got a great job with benefits, Art has picked up some part time work, Boo moved back home and Bud is having more happy days than not.  Everything I could think to ask for I’ve been given and I’m so grateful!!

But, on a more superficial level, there is something I would love to get for Mother’s Day (if we gave gifts).  I take all the photos for this blog with my smart phone.  Usually they turn out pretty well, but I know they can be grainy, especially in low light or if I use the zoom.  I would really love a DSLR camera to take some more professional shots.

Browsing through eBay’s updated mobile app, it was really easy to find some cameras I long for.  One of the things I like about the app is the My Feed section, just like the main page on the eBay website.  My Feed shows you what’s on sale based on recent purchases.  It’s a fun way to browse some of your favorite things.

Unfortunately, I haven’t bought a camera lately, so I had to look elsewhere.  Another option on the eBay app is eBay Deals.

My Perfect Mother's Day GiftThese are special deals, sometimes one day only, always with free shipping, across a broad range of categories.  Here’s what came up when I checked out the category Savings on Hot Cameras:

My Perfect Mother's Day GiftSee the Nikon D3200 at the top of the screenshot?  That’s the one I’m interested in:

My Perfect Mother's Day GiftI added it to my watch list, but if I wanted to, I could also share it with my friends and family as a way of dropping a broad hint. 😉

Another cool feature is that if I see a camera I like at my local retailer, I can use the bar code scanner built into the eBay app to find out if I can get the camera for a better deal on eBay.

I don’t know how I lived without the eBay app for so long, but I will be checking it frequently now for all my gifting needs (and wants).

You can download the eBay mobile app for free for every type of smart phone and at any app store!!

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What’s your perfect Mother’s Day gift?



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