Top Eight Tips For Small House Living

small house living

Throughout my married life, I’ve never lived in a large house. Our first house, where we lived for 20 years, was about 1100 square feet.  It seemed spacious for the four of us, and we even had a second bathroom in the garage!!

After we lost our house in 2012, we moved to an even smaller rental (under 1000 feet), but this time there were five of us and one bathroom!!  This was probably the time period where I developed my best strategies for living in a small house.  I call them strategies for small house living, but really they were strategies for keeping my sanity 😉

I talked to my friends on Facebook and between us we came up with these:

Top Eight Tips For Small House Living

  1. Organize, organize and keep it that way. Use clear, same size boxes for shoes and other items to make easy stacking, label stuff and put things you use most often right where you can see it. If you haven’t looked at something in over a year get rid of it. Most of all make use if vertical space. – Christina D.
  2.  Walls are thin -be aware of your volume, i.e. loud music, yelling, slamming doors.- Teressa M.
  3. Get rid of everything! Live life with only the utmost necessities. When I got divorced I was forced to move from 2800 sq ft home to a 890 sq ft apartment, I   kept some clothing and shoes, sold and donated about 90% of my possessions. Simple living is easy and stays neat longer. I own more yarn now than anything else. Haha – Rosie A.
  4. Communication is key, especially if you only have one bathroom. We would always check to see if anyone else needed the bathroom before we took a shower.  Otherwise we might get a surprise visitor mid-shower!! – Teressa M.
    a) – a subcategory of this tip is that if you only have one bathroom and the shower has a sliding door, hang a shower curtain in case someone needs to use the bathroom while you are taking a shower.
  5. I keep it simple. One set of things, ie towels, sheets, dishes. I only buy what I need. Also I find having less clutter is freeing. Less stuff, Less stress.  – Christine Z.
  6. Have an outlet outside the house – garden, walk, join a gym, volunteer- so you have a place to go when the walls close in. – Teressa M.
    a) a subcategory of this tip is to make sure everyone has their own space and the ability to have alone time.
  7. Purge …purge….purge. If I want to keep things that I only use once in a while, I store them in clear bins, and store them in the garage. – Marjorie G.small house living
  8. Clean the bathroom sink by moving items onto a TV tray outside the bathroom. – Teressa Morris


Do you have any tips for small house living?  Please share in the comments below.

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Explosive Decompression Book Review

>Isaac Asimov meets Charles Dickens with a dash of Jonathan Swift…

In a world that is a science experiment gone horrifyingly wrong, scientist Audrey Novak awakes from a centuries-long sleep to discover that her work has been used to create an appalling world. Aided by commoners, bots, and another refugee from 20th century America, Audrey takes on the power elites on Earth and on the Moon in a novel that is equal parts adventure, science gone haywire, and rollicking humor. ?
Get the paperback
A sampling of acclaim for John L. Sheppard
“Sheppard’s characters pretend not to be funny, to not be emotional, to not need each other, when of course, they are and they do. There’s a clarity to the chaos, the restraint, the vulnerability Sheppard creates, something so human and essential you can’t help but turn the page.”
–Entropy magazine
“…an easy affection for his characters and a sense of natural, unforced humor.”
“…You have a good time seeing someone have a bad time. It’s fun…”
–Padgett Powell
“…raw feeling and taut smart prose.”
–Sam Lipsyte
“The author grips you from the beginning, I couldn’t have put it down if I wanted.”
–Amazon reviewer

My Review:

I wasn’t sure what to think of Explosive Decompression when I first started reading it.  It is in your face and shocking, but still funny and sweet.  It’s definitely genre-defying.  Calling it science fiction would not be enough. Explosive Decompression is a cross between a hardboiled detective story from the 1940s and a Buck Rogers serial, if Sam Spade and/or Buck were a foulmouthed tiny female scientist.

There is violence, nudity, swearing and sex scenes (although not graphic). These are all things I am not a big fan of in the books I read, but somehow it all works. I was also impressed by how well Sheppard wrote for a female protagonist.  I really identified with the “girly” part of Audrey, who loves pink and keeping her hands clean and being cute (something has plagued me for many years 😉

My only complaint about the story (tongue-in-cheek) is its portrayal of a future Canadian government.  Could Canadians every be anything other than nice?

I highly recommend Explosion Decompression for lovers of science fiction, political satire, and the generally irreverent (ala Christopher Moore).  A must read!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

About the Author:

explosive decompression book review

John L. Sheppard wrote the novels After the Jump, No Brass, No Ammo and Small Town Punk.


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