More Crazy Corgle Photos and Video

By popular demand, here are some more photos of our crazy corgle, Kiff (The Unexpected Corgle, Corgle Update – He’s So Cute, Our Crazy Dogs – More Fun Facts About Katie and Kiff).

Just for reference, here’s what Kiff looked like when we first got him:

corgle photos and videoAnd here’s a picture of Kiff I took yesterday:

corgle photos and video

Here’s a photo of Kiff and Boo having a stare down – I wonder who’s winning?

corgle photos and videoOne of Kiff’s favorite things to do is chase a thrown object.  The problem is he likes to chase so much that sometimes he forgets what he was chasing.  Take a look at this video to see what I mean:

And Kiff is so excited when he sees his breakfast coming:

I hope you enjoyed our photos and video of Kiff.  What are some crazy things that your pet does?


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