Inferno by Liz Schulte Book Review

Title: Inferno

Inferno Liz SchulteAuthor: Liz Schulte

Series: Jinn Trilogy

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Leaping Lizards

Release Date: October 12, 2014

Format: Kindle

Pages: 216 pages

About the Book:

Olivia’s once-shining light now blazes with the fury of an avenging angel, leaving ruin in her wake. Gone are the days of soft hearts; endless compassion doesn’t win wars with Hell.

Without an anchor to his human self, the jinni side of Holden grows stronger every day. Giving into his true nature might mean losing the one thing worth living for, but it’s the only way to stop the rise of a darkness even the angel cannot defeat.

Every decision they make to re-establish balance in their world causes ripples through the universe, changing paths and intentions of even the most stalwart of friends. All it took was a single death to make waves through the Abyss. Now the lives of five people have been changed forever. No one will make it through unscathed.


My Review:

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Liz Schulte fan. The Abyss books are so original – I just can’t say enough good about them. Inferno is no exception. I love that with each new story the characters become more fully developed. This time around, the story alternates between Holden, Baker and Femi. I enjoyed the romantic tension between Baker and Femi and trying to guess how their relationship might develop. I also enjoyed reading Femi’s perspective on the story. Her character is so fierce – I wish I had as much spunk as she does.

“I don’t tiptoe around anyone.” Femi flashed a grin. “I glide, bitches.”

Inferno also concentrates less on Holden and Olivia’s relationship, which is a nice change of pace. Holden is as conflicted as ever, though.

“I was Olivia’s soul mate, the leader of the free Jinn, the one who made the hard decisions, the one who let people go, the abomination, and the savior. I was evil who strove to be good…”

Book 2 of the Jinn Trilogy ends with a major cliffhanger – or does it? Let’s just say there better be a book 3!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review through Promotional Book Tours. All opinions are 100% my own.



3 thoughts on “Inferno by Liz Schulte Book Review

  1. My daughter has read one of her books and loved it. She said that she will definitely be getting this one also.

  2. Interesting, I’m not very familiar with Liz Schulte’s work. I just read paranormal book a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I used to stick with mystery/thriller but since getting my Kindle I’ve discovered so many different genres I’ve been missing out on. I’ll have to add this to my tbr list!

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