Has Worrying Done You Any Good?

worryingThis is Katie.  She has an owie.  Here’s the story:

Art and I got home from a quick trip to the store.  We let the dogs outside to do their business.  Art mentioned that he saw something red on Katie’s tail.  When she came back in the house, I took a good look at her.  She had chewed a silver dollar size raw spot on her tail!!  I swear to you, it was not there yesterday or this morning.  There was no blood on her bed.  We think she chewed it just while we were gone.

We adopted Katie from a shelter when she was about seven months old.  They had found her wandering the streets of a nearby town, so there is no back story as to how she was raised, except that it can’t have been good.  When we first got her, she was terrified of men.  Also, she is half black lab but is deathly afraid of water, even dripping hoses and tiny puddles.  I think she would avoid her water dish if she could figure out a way to do that.

As you can tell, she is a very neurotic dog.  We can’t raise our voices around her, even if we’re laughing at something, or she will freak out and try to go outside or hide.  When she is sad, bored or upset she licks herself.  This biting thing however is new.

Anyway, as we were cleaning her up and bandaging her tail, Art kept saying to her, “You’re a crazy dog.  Why would you do that to yourself?”  And that got me to thinking.

Lately I have been stressing out a lot about what our future has in store.  Will we move?  Will my job go full-time?  Will the blog make money?  Will Art finish school or go back to work (or both?)  There are so many unknowns that it can be a little mind-boggling at times.  I have found myself easily frustrated lately.  Earlier in the week I was hitting myself on the head with frustration and actually bruised my wrist.  It wasn’t until we were bandaging Katie’s tail that I made the connection.

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Matthew 6:27

How has worrying benefited me or my family in any way?  Certainly it has not made decision making any easier.  There are days when I am so stressed out I actually lose time and productivity by worrying.  When, in reality, good things are happening in our family every day.  Boo just got a new job and she bought her first car.  Bud is doing better every day and we are enjoying time together as a family.  We have a roof over our head and good food on the table.  I have a blog I love with followers who have become friends.  I’m not going to change anything by worrying about it.

So I am back to taking life one day at a time.  Sometimes, in truth it may be one hour or one minute at a time.  But I know that even though I may not be sure where my life is heading, it will work out and it will be good, whether I worry about it or not.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

What are your worries this week?  Is there anything or anyone I can pray for?  Let me know in the comments section or send me an email.

One thought on “Has Worrying Done You Any Good?

  1. Wonderfully written,sweetheart!Dad says of My Mom,Grama Hamlton,”If she didn’t have something that she was worrying about,she got worried!”Now that sounds funny,but,it was certainly true on many days.And,of course,we all know that I have inherited that trait.So happy that you are aware and that you have found some relief from it.I am better about how much I worry,thanx to pharmaceuticals and special medical professionals.It is often harder for cargiving people to take care of themselves than care for others.In the end,it all comes down to the instructions given by flight attendants,ie;In the event of pressure lost in the passenger cabins,please,place your oxygen mask on First,then,place them on your children.Just a reminder that we can’t effectivley help others unless we heal ourselves first.Love you,Mom

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