Fuzzy Sapiens Book Review

Fuzzy Sapiens Book ReviewFuzzy Sapiens

H. Beam Piper

ISBN-13: 978-0441261901

Science Fiction


235 pages

About the Book:

from Goodreads:

The Pendarvis Decision had declared the Fuzzies to be intelligent beings–guaranteeing them protection and security. But just how much were those assurances worth? The Fuzzies were about to find out. Someone was going to make big profits by exploiting them, and there wasn’t much that could prevent the Fuzzies from becoming just another extinct species on Mankind’s conscience.

My Review:

The second book in the Fuzzy trilogy (you can read my review of book one – Little Fuzzycontinues the dilemma of how humans and other sentient beings get along.  The question is – now that Fuzzies have been declared to be intelligent beings – how do Fuzzies and humans live in harmony?

I still feel that the viewpoints in this book are a bit outdated and definitely not politically correct.  In addition, there is at least one deus ex machina involved in the plot (ugh).  Fuzzy Sapiens is also not a book you would want to read without having read the first book in the series.  There is not a lot of backstory given to explain how the story got to where it is.

That being said, and taking the book for the time it was written, I very much enjoyed this read.  And, intended, or not, it was definitely thought-provoking!!  I wonder if the books had been written after Star Trek, if H. Beam Piper would have caved to the Prime Directive?

I give Fuzzy Sapiens 3 1/2 sunstones.  If you loved the first book, you will still enjoy the second!

I did not receive anything in exchange for my review of this book.  I purchased the book myself and wanted to share my opinions on it with my readers.


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