Fuzzies And Other People Book Review

Fuzzies And Other People Book ReviewFuzzies And Other People

H. Beam Piper


Science Fiction

December 1984

183 pages

About the Book:

From the book jacket:

“There were still so many things Fuzzies had to learn…” that is the final line of H. Beam Piper’s classic Fuzzy Sapiens, where the story broke off twenty years ago. Following Piper’s tragic suicide  in 1964, there were persistent rumors that he had written a sequel to Fuzzy Sapiens, a third Fuzzy novel; some of his friends had been told about it, a few had even read parts of it. But the manuscript itself remained lost until it was discovered in a trunk in a basement in Pennsylvania.

Now, at last, return to Piper’s Zarathustra, it’s been twenty years for us – but only three months since Jack Holloway found and befriended a small golden-haired being… three short months that have changed their lives.

My Review:

Check out my reviews of the first two books in the series, Little Fuzzy, and Fuzzy Sapiens.

After H. Beam Piper committed suicide in 1964, two more Fuzzy books were produced by other writers.  I don’t count those as part of the Fuzzy mythos, especially since they don’t mesh with this most recent book.

Fuzzies and Other People picks up where Fuzzy Sapiens left off.  Hugo Ingermann’s crew is on trial for enslaving Fuzzies and forcing then to steal sunstones from the company vaults. But Ingermann has a trick up his sleeve. He intends to claim the Fuzzies were willing accomplices to the crimes they committed.  And since Fuzzies do not have a concept for falsehood, they will not be able to testify on their own behalf.  Or will they?

This third book in the Fuzzy series was another enjoyable romp through the Fuzzy universe.  Fuzzies are much like pre-pubescent children and although the tone towards different cultures is still very early 1960s (read not politically correct) in nature, this book is good clean fun.  It is interesting that H. Beam Piper makes an exact case in his books for the reason for the Prime Directive as laid out in the Star Trek  franchise.  Are humans the best model for humanity?

I give Fuzzies and Other People four sunstones!!    A book both kids and parents will enjoy!!

I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I bought the book myself and wanted to share it with my readers.

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