The Five Greatest Gifts I Ever Received #GivingTuesday

five greatest giftsGiving Tuesday is not a charity to donate to, but a call to action.  How can we give back and focus on “the reason for the season” instead of the glitz and gifts?  The people at Giving Tuesday aren’t affiliated with any particular charity.  They encourage each of us to make our own decisions about who or what we should give to.

Giving Tuesday this year is on December 3.  In honor of that day, I would like to present you with my list of the five greatest gifts I ever received:


5.  My friends, both old and new.  It is so nice to know there is always someone there to listen, or just hang out!!

4. My parents and in-laws who have supported us (both financially and emotionally) through thick and thin.

3.  My two beautiful, intelligent and compassionate children.  I am so proud of the adults they are becoming!!

2.  My understanding, sympathetic and very funny husband.  He is my best friend, my nurse, counselor and cheerleader!!

1.  The first, best, greatest gift I ever received was (and is) the gift of eternal life.  I thank God for sending His son to take the burden of my sins and for the comfort that comes with the knowledge that I am forgiven over and over and over again.

What is the greatest gift you ever received?  How will you give back this year for Giving Tuesday?  Please leave your comments below.

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