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find your perfect fit

I wish I was one of those women who could wear clothes right off the rack.  Don’t get me wrong, I DO buy my clothes off the rack, but they rarely fit right without some alterations.  Pants, skirts and dresses tend to hit me in the wrong place (or drag on the ground) because I am short.  Button front shirts that fit me in the waist tend to be too tight in the chest.

I have always wanted to have custom made clothing, but it was either prohibitively expensive or made overseas by slave labor.

I was thrilled when the people at Suuchi asked me to review one of their custom made dresses.

About Suuchi

Suuchi is made to order custom clothing fit to your gorgeous body and taste. Our story was born of the hope that custom clothing becomes your only choice by giving you access to exquisite, affordable, ready-fast pieces. Each creation is MADE  IN the USA and delivered to your doorstep in 5 days. If you buy from Suuchi, expressing yourself isn’t optional. It’s necessary.
Your personality wasn’t mass produced, your clothes shouldn’t be either!

Suuchi offers dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, outerwear and accessories in a variety of styles. I was offered the button down shirt dress for review.  I was nervous to try it for the reasons mentioned above.

I was pleasantly surprised that the ordering process was so easy.  First, I scrolled through a series of fabric swatches.  Each time I clicked on a swatch, the fabric on the dress would change to reflect that swatch.  I picked a soft plaid flannel since it’s winter and I wanted to be able to wear the dress right away.

Next I entered my measurements.  I thought it would be embarrassing, but honestly, I’m never going to see these people.  And  they probably don’t care that my hips are a hmhm.  I do recommend having someone you trust help you take your measurements since you want to be as accurate as possible.  If you’re unsure of how to take some of the measurements,  there are people available to help via the live chat option.

So after I entered my measurements I just had to wait a few days for the dress to arrive.

Right out of the box I was impressed.  The fabric is good quality.  The seams and button holes are all finished.  Even the buttons are sturdy.

find your perfect fit

And look how well the dress fits!!  I paired it with red tights and a red tank top for a more casual look.  The western belt and seed bracelet helped finish off the look.

find your perfect fit

My favorite feature is the pockets.  I am a major pocket gal (although my mom hates them because she says pockets make me slouch 😉

This dress is so comfortable.  I am very happy with the fit and the colors.  The ordering process was fairly simple and the price is reasonable for a custom piece at $85.  I highly recommend Suuchi as the place to find your perfect fit!!

Would you like to find your perfect fit?  Visit Suuchi and find out how!!

I received a complimentary dress in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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